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Gerard Butler GALS

Virtual Con: "Registration"


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:wave: April, Judy and Andi!

Welcome to GALS Andi....I hope I get to know you (and April) in the next few days. Judy, well Judy and I are old friends...huh Judy?



Looking forward to getting to know you. :)

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:wave: Everyone...Great that we have a lot of participants this year!! :yay: And even some NEW Gals!! Anyway, I've already posted this wallpaper but I made it for anyone that might like to use it...It's in celebration of the Virtual Con!! Hope it's okay to post it here ...don't forget to click !

:wave: Frannie

Posted Image

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Well, the last 2 years I was actually in Vegas, but this year wasn't possible, so here I am.....2nd best to the real thing!!!!! :wave: I have my page on the "wall"...it's actually my page from the real wall last year in Vegas......let the party begin!!!! :drink:




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How wonderful to see everyone!

Hello hiddenwarior, and deb s and Tish!

Hey Sherry, Tish, Paige Tence, Delene, Wendy, Frannie, Amy and Dina and Angel!!

This is such fun for me each year, my time for really being able to post and interact with all you lovely GALS gals and pals!

Check it out

scotsmanstuart is going to stream the video contest vids tonight at 10PM ET so you don't have to download and unzip the videos. Saves some time!


Watch the video contest entries and then vote

okay...now back to Registation! ;)

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If me chubby Lil' arse can't be with my bestest GALS there in person, this is the very best, next to being there I can think of. :drool1:

I am sooooo anxious to see all my beautiful GAL friends. Maybe next year if all goes well, I'll be there too!! Otherwise 'Gerry' the statue will be there for me.

Please someone have a drink for me and kiss a poster too, of the incredible beautiful Gerry man in my name! :woo: I already am so jealous that I am not meeting my Gal friends. You ALL have a super great time and good luck on the raffles and all else that is happening! Gotta go before I start crying!!! :tissues:

Love to All and I'll be here whenever I can. :wuv:

Jo :kiss:

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I am here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Galfriends! It will be a drive by here and there but for the moment I am here to play!

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OOh :hello:

Good to see you all!!

Hello Rubee, SmackGurl, Joni, Lady Scott, Reggie, RocknRolla!!

I may have given you a shout out in the Cafe...I'm getting the threads confused :doh:

Hey to Have Mercy, Tracy and all you lovely gals and 2 pals! :lol:

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Lady Scott, Your new siggy is incredible. Wonderful tribute.

Frannie, love the Wallpaper! It's on my desktop now! Special!

Hello to newbies. :wave:


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