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Virtual Con: After the Ending...


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Okay, GALS, the thread to post your stories is now 'open'!


and if anyone has a story too long for the 'Challenge'

just add a thread! Since this is not regular fiction, please keep to G/PG.


Virtual Con: Dear Frankie -"After the Ending" Info, Writer's creative thread -

750 words or less short short story instructions

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Thank you!!! I will try to post it, as it is. I do not know if you can call it really a story, but this is how I always thought the story "behind" Dear Frankie and after the film story was, in an ideal way. Forgive me, I am not a native speaker, so some expressions will probably look clumsy and/or unnatural for you, but I hope the whole idea is understandable. :wave::wave::wave:

Thank you once again for your wonderful work, and I wish to all of you a beautiful party in Vegas!!! :pointy::pointy::pointy:

Dear Frankie - (Before and) After the Ending

April 7

Johnnie has changed a lot. When Rose left him, it was as if something died inside him. He left London and returned back home, to Glasgow. Marie found him a job in a port. He liked his job – and all these sailors from different ships coming and telling stories from all over the world – he felt as if he sailed with them.

He did not want to get involved with any of those treacherous women any more! Well, his sister Marie was different. She was always so nice to him! Actually, it was a big surprise when she called the other day – after such a long time...

At first, he hesitated a little bit. “Becoming” a sailor? Well, this should not be a problem. Actually, he could quite easily pretend working on “Accra”. He even knew some people there. But the boy – how to deal with the boy? He almost hated those noisy kids, especially when he wanted to sleep after a night shift! But Marie asked him so nicely for it... And it was just for one day...

When he went to meet Lizzie, he was very nervous, so he put on his usual mask – “a tough guy”. He was really touched by her love and devotion to Frankie. And she was so lovely, in her own way! He read the letters she gave him again and again. He should probably buy the boy a present, but had no idea what to buy. He went into a bookstore...

Waiting for Frankie was endless (if only they did not live with her mother!). When Frankie hugged him, he was moved so much!!! Of course, he could not have showed it. The money – he did not want anything, but Lizzie seemed to be less nervous this way. He started loving them both, and he wanted desperately to see them again – and he was so proud he succeeded in arranging it at least for Sunday!!!

Now the weekend with Frankie was over. He held the wooden seahorse in his hands, and he felt lonely. He was sure Frankie would like to see him again. He did not know about Lizzie, but there was a hope.

He reflected for some time. He decided to write a letter to Lizzie. He did not want to be the stranger for them anymore. He wanted to tell Lizzie who he really was. Well, his job may not be as appealing as being a sailor, but it is a decent job, well paid... He can support a family. They could meet again – he could tell Frankie that he has just now decided to change his job to be more with his boy. First they could meet from time to time, and if everything works, every weekend, every day ...

April 17

Lizzie was walking down the street. She did not want to stay with any other man after what she went through with Dave. It even was not possible when Dave was alive. But now Dave is dead. And Frankie needs a good father. That man was so nice to him (and to her, too). And when he kissed her... and his eyes... and this beautiful voice!!! But these sailors ... a woman in every port, that is what they say.

Is there a way to contact him? The ship has left already. But Marie arranged for the meeting before the ship arrived, so there must be a way they communicate. Should she ask her?

She got inside the building, opened a mailbox. A letter for her? Jonathan Donne from Glasgow? Who is he?

Lizzie finished reading the letter. As if he read her thoughts!!! And he is not a sailor and lives so close!!! How comes they have not met before?

Lizzie started writing a letter to Johnnie.

May 4

Frankie was excited – it must have been his wooden seahorse who helped him (when he was giving it to the man, he wished so desperately he would come again). So he will see him tomorrow!!! And he would take him to the port! And his mother bought a new dress and went to a hairstylist! He could not even sleep; he was looking forward so much!!!

November 7

Marie was leaving the wedding agency. Everything is arranged now. Finally the three people she really cared for - Johnnie, Lizzie, and Frankie - will be truly connected!!!

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Here's my version of what happened.

Frankie knowing the truth was a burden from Lizzie’s shoulders. The two walked home from Frankie’s favorite hillside overlook. Lizzie thought about the Stranger and where he was by now. She also recalled their kiss. She shook off that memory for now. Perhaps life could settle in to normalcy as the chaos around their secrets seemed at an end.

Frankie stopped halfway home asking if he could get some chips for supper. Lizzie sought out money giving him instructions to get enough for everyone.

As he ran off, Lizzie walked on, her thoughts going back to the handsome Stranger. She had not felt those feelings in some time. She secretly hoped that he might return but did not question Marie about it as she did not want to seem interested….just yet.

As Lizzie was approaching home, she spotted her mother walking briskly towards her.

“Where’re you off ” Lizzie inquired.

“Cigs,” she retorted harshly, giving her a hard stare and marching on.

Lizzie thought it odd for her to resist conversation.

Once at the door, she found it ajar. That was not like her mother to leave it open without anyone inside.

Lizzie cautiously walked in. As she entered the kitchen, her hand went to her heart! Sitting at the table was a man! Then she recognized him!

The mysterious Stranger smiled and then stood and walked to her. She thought he was long gone by now, out to sea! How did he get back here and why did he look so good?

“Hello.” he said. “I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see me.”

“To say the least!” she gasped. “What are you doing here?

“I couldn’t leave you and Frankie. You’re all I’ve thought about.”

“What about your ship, your job?” Lizzie asked.

“Working on a ship was part of the story for Frankie’s sake. The one truth I never considered was that I would fall in love, ” he said facing her.

Lizzie looked in to his eyes, full of emotion. She felt a strong urge to throw her arms around his neck but resisted! What if he left her and Frankie again!

She lowered her gaze and walked past him. He saw the concern in her face and reached out, gently grasping her arm.

“You know, I’ve never been in love until now. I was hoping you felt something too. No matter what you decide, I still want to be in Frankie’s life and I’m hoping you will allow that.”

His voice was soft but strong with conviction. She turned to face him and somehow felt she could trust him now.

“You’ll not be filling his head full of empty promises.” she said as he pulled her to him. “He’s been through so much pain and needs some happiness.”

He took her in his arms, looking in to her eyes, “What about your happiness?” he asked softly, kissing her forehead. She felt the blood surge through her! It had been a long time!

“I’ll not have it at Frankie’s expense.” Lizzie closed her eyes as he kissed her face lifting it up to his, then kissing her mouth gently. She felt the breath leave her body!

She pulled away slightly and looked at him. He smiled and she could see that love and the sincerity in his face.

“If you don’t work on a ship, what do you do?” she asked.

“If you promise to let me tell Frankie.” he replied. “I don’t want to keep any more secrets, so you should know, but I’d prefer you’d tell your mother something else.”

“I work for Her Majesty’s Secret Services.” he confessed.

Lizzie thought she was hearing things but the look on his face was stoic.

“You what?” she asked in disbelief.

“I’m an agent for Her ……”

“I heard but thought I was imagining it.” she interrupted staring at him. “How can that be?”

“You had wanted someone with no history. That’s how I’ve been living my life, in secrecy.” he replied.

Lizzie was dumbfounded!

“I have a small villa on the coast a ways from here. I’d like you and Frankie and your mother to come there, when you are ready of course.”

Lizzie couldn’t believe what she was hearing!

“It’s funny,” she laughed. “I don’t even know your name.”

He smiled, “It‘s Louis and since we’re revealing secrets,” he said pulling her to him and taking her face in his strong hands. “Don’t expect Frankie to turn me in to a vegetarian, OK?”

He kissed her again.

The End

Delene :wave:

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Tracy! Glad you got to post your story...


at 3,672 words, :doh: it doesn't fit as a 'short-short' story,


since you didn't have a means of monitoring your word count,

and I'd hate to not share it with the GALS

I'm moving it to a separate thread! ;)

Please rest and feel better soon!! :hug1:

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Ladies, I enjoyed your stories. Loved the Johnnie twist and the working for the queen twist.

I am so sorry my story was too long. I am so embarrassed.

Thanks for all you do, Barb. I really feel like an idiot about now. I am not going to be writing anymore I am too sick. I put the story in word pad, but I could find no where to count.

I was just too sick, tired and swollen to even attempt to count it.

I suck at math too.



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Great stories by all!! I am thinking about writing one but time is not on my side right now!! :tantrum: Although I can still enjoy the ones being posted!! :yay:

I agree D....The MI SEX ...um...I mean SIX one is quite interesting...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

:wave: Frannie

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Tracy :hug1:

Don't worry, this is just for 'fun'...you exceeded the word limit for the 'Challenge', but you created a very lovely story!

Everyone is welcome to post fan fiction here in the VC area for the duration of the VC, so, you're all set! :D

I plan to add a reference post in the regular fiction section, with links to the DF story threads, to make it easier to find these once the VC is over! :pointy:

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Aboard the Agra

Dear Lizzie:

Marie gave me your name and address. I know you said no past and no names; I hope you'll forgive her.

Marie tells me that your husband died. Ordinarily I'd give condolences for your loss, but I can only think of how you and your son are free. No more running away.

I've not been able to stop thinking about you and Frankie. When this tour is over, I plan to leave the Merchant Marines. It's time for me to stop running as well.

I hope you'll be there when I come home.


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