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'Coveting What Davey Morrison Tossed Away'

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Coveting What Davey Morrison Tossed Away

~Told from the point of view of the Stranger
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The night he left he knew she was the one. He could still taste her lips on his. He pulled his bottom lip into his mouth tasting her and then licked his top lip with his tongue savoring her as long as he could.

"Lizzie", He said almost inaudibly. He looked at the beautiful sea horse Frankie had made with his own hands. He wished he was his son.

He needed that money he gave back to her, but he knew she needed it more. In his mind he budgeted thinking what he could cut back on so he could make it until his next payday.

'Smokes', he thought to himself,'filthy habit anyway.'

He pondered over the time he was with them and the terrible revelation of how Frankie became deaf. He knew Frankie's father was terminally ill, but he still wanted to pummel him for what he had done to such a wonderful woman and boy.

He coveted Davey Morrison's family. Davey was unworthy to have them.

He felt Frankie would accept him and if he did; he would prove himself worthy to be his father.

He wanted to make love to Lizzie, but not just for lust. He imagined her enjoying the bliss of escaping all she had endured even if only for a few hours in his arms.

It was crazy. He knew it was. How did anyone become totally besotted with a woman and her child in less than 48 hours?
Still he had.

Days passed, he did his ship duties almost robot like.
His shipmates wondered what was up, but he just shrugged or joked around with them. He dare not reveal what was in his heart.

He could bear it no more when he wrote the letter to Marie about his feelings. His sister would understand. She witnessed the magic that happened between Lizzie, Frankie and him in that short amount of time.

It seemed like forever before he heard back from Marie. He wanted to write Lizzie and Frankie, but he didn't want to seem to presumptuous after all neither of them even knew his real name.

When a letter from Marie arrived it contained a forwarded letter that Frankie had written him. Upon learning that the stranger wanted to know more about her and Frankie, Lizzie had given Marie permission to send it to him. He realized reading the letter that Frankie already knew he was not his real father. He immediately began a letter to Frankie. He looked at the picture of Frankie and himself. His real father had died now he wanted the opportunity to be that boy's father. Of Course that he had a beautiful and devoted mother sweetened things. He imagined she would be the sort of wife he had always wanted.

He wanted to write to Lizzie too, but he wanted to be careful. He didn't want to frighten her so just asked Frankie to tell her hello and he missed her in the post script.

In a week he received a letter from both Lizzie and Frankie. Frankie's letter told of school, marine life, skimming rocks, and how he still swore he was rubbish at football. Lizzy's was not as intimate as he would have liked, but it was certainly encouraging. She mentioned she wanted to see him next time he was in town.

He penned two letters the one to Frankie was in response to all the things he had mentioned. The one to Lizzie was much more intimate. He felt if he took the initiative then perhaps he could figure out where he stood with her.

"I hope to get to know you for you, Lizzie. Not just as Frankie's mother. My mind is already convinced you're a great mother. I want to see if the sparks I felt were genuine. I am not just looking for sex, Lizzie. You can get that in every port. I am looking for a woman I can respect and build a future with. See, you are not the only one who has been hurt before. "

He went on to tell her how his former wife broke his heart. No, he was never physically abused, but he had known mental torture.

After that experience his had no relationships with woman except for sexual ones that were meaningless just somewhere to deposit his lust. The women were the kind that had multiple men in their lives, mostly sailors so no feelings were hurt on either side.

He waited. When he did not go to the places loose women hung out on port calls. Some of his shipmates were curious. He finally told them he met someone. He started hanging around the men who were married or in a committed relationship. They told him it was hard to faithful while being away so much, but it was possible no matter what some of the other men claimed.

Letters were exchanged regularly as he made this six month trip. He felt he really knew Lizzie and Frankie. Things had become quite serious between Lizzie and him. Marriage had not be said, but he had implied as had Lizzie or he assumed she had.

He had convinced Frankie that he was not rubbish at Football and that he would show him some pointers when he was back in Glasgow. He took out the drawings sent him of different sea life and admired them. He told Frankie he thought the world of him, but he could not promise he'd be a vegetarian. He told him was looking forward to Marie's chips when he was home. No one could make them like her.

Finally the day came when he was going back to see Lizzie and Frankie. He was scared. It is quite a bit different to write words of intimate feelings than to speak them. Especially to a woman who had not been spoken to that way in years. Would Frankie accept the fact that he wanted to time alone with Lizzie? He had never had to share his mother. He decided that he must have alone time with Frankie as well. He also had to win Lizzie's mother over. That he was afraid would be a bit harder.

He climbed down the ships stairs to waiting Lizzie and Frankie. He felt a myriad of emotions. He wanted to kiss her deep and hard, but that wouldn't be proper in front of the lad.

He ran towards them and they all three hugged up as if they were already a family. He kissed Lizzie chastely on her lips as Frankie looked up. Then he ruffled Frankie's hair.

"You want to go back to our flat now or Marie's and have a wee rest?", Lizzie asked him.

"No, I slept on the ship. I think we should go back to the flat and get your Mother and go have dinner somewhere.", He explained

"I can cook you some dinner. No need spending hard earned money...", Lizzie started.

"We are celebrating, Love. Tell your mother, Frankie, we'll fetch your Nana and go eat. "

To his delight Frankie pled with his eyes. Lizzie caved.

"I say we all have the ice cream sodas tonight."

"You are wanting me to get fat ,are you?", Lizzie teased him.

"You wouldn't be any less beautiful."

Frankie scrunched his nose in distaste of the mushy stuff.

"Don't look at me like that. You'll be courting the lasses soon enough."

He felt Frankie loop his arms about him and Lizzie.

He patted Frankie's shoulder with one hand and put the other on Lizzie's shoulder.

Upon arriving at the flat the first thing Lizzie's mother did was try and bum a smoke from him. He told her he quit. She was having a nicotine fit so she started down to Marie's place.

He saw Frankie doing something that seem to be conveying to his Nana to quit smoking as he had.

He stifled a chuckle when Nell responded, "Not today. It's a nerve wracking day."

He listened at the conversation between mother and daughter.

"Please hurry back so we can get ready to go eat. He is treating us.", Lizzie urged her mother.

"I'll be back right away if the queue isn't long. Now leave me be. I need a cigarette."

He was surprised Frankie decided to go down with his Nana to Marie's, but he was happy for time alone with Lizzie.

Lizzie turned and looked at him nervously, but with great anticipation. Would he kiss her?

Aye, yes he would. He cupped her face and slowly brought his lips gently to hers. Wrapping his free arm around her waist and pulling her to him where her soft female body was next to his hard male body. The kiss became more intimate as his tongue probed her mouth hungrily. He was encouraged when she responded in kind reaching her arms around his shoulders and delicately running her fingers through his hair that had grown since she had seen him.

He withdrew from her as he feared he could become aroused easily.

He wasn't expecting the sad look Lizzie had in her eyes. Did she think he wasn't pleased by her kisses? Nothing could have been further from the truth. He was sorely tempted to gather her in his arms carry her to a bed and have her. However Lizzie was so much more than a roll in the hay. She had captivated his heart for the first time since his first wife shattered it. He tried to explain.

"Lizzie, Lass, I am just trying to treat you like a lady."

His heart leaped when she smiled and timidly said,

"It's O.K. as long as you treat me like a woman soon."

He exhaled a deep breath closing his eyes and appeared to be pondering something seriously.

"I dream of that, but my intentions are honorable and I am trying my best to..."

She shushed him and he listened intently as she confessed.

"I appreciate your respect."

He did respect her with every fiber of his being and he was determined to get this right.

He and she would make love, but it would be at the right time. He would quell his carnality. If his skin ended up chafed from cold showers, so be it.

Too soon Frankie and Nell returned. Their brief moment was over for now.

Still, he knew these were two relationships he had to cultivate as well. Frankie would be easy he thought as long as he wasn't jealous and did not want to share his mother. He knew he would have to have alone time with him as well and he looked forward to really getting to know the boy.

Nell, was another story. She had given him some looks that at the very least would be considered frosty. He knew she had sacrificed her life to try and protect her daughter and grandson from any more abuse. He had to make her realize how much he appreciated all she had done for them and that he considered her a vital part of the family. He feared she might not accept him in the family as they had been the three musketeers for so long.

She was puffing away on a cigarette as she entered the flat. The nicotine seemed to calm her for a moment, he noted. She almost smiled at him.

"Well, with the price of these damn things one does need to quit, but not today. Come, Frankie let's get ready so we can go out to dinner."

Frankie smiled back at him as he went to change.

Lizzie looked confused,

"Do you need to wash up? What should we wear?"

"Showered on the ship. Just casual. I don't fancy the formal supper bit.", He answered.

Her smile was so sweet. He kissed her cheek.

"My hair? Do you prefer it up or down? A little cosmetics or none?"

"Tis your hair and face, Lass. Do as you please. You could be bald with clown make up on and I would be proud to have you on my arm."

He watched her sparkle at his kind words. Then her brows furrowed as she was apparently having a painful memory. She sucked in her bottom lip, grazed it with her teeth, looked at the floor stuffing her hands in her back pockets and shifted her position. Keeping her eyes averted. Finally nervously she spoke,
"It is just that Davey didn't like me to wear make up or to wear my down in front of other men, because he thought I was...I was...., but I wasn't I swear."

When she raised her eyes, he could plainly see the deep fear even though man was dead, the damage he had done to this beautiful woman's mind still remained.

He drew her to him tight. Her head laid on his shoulder,
"Of course you weren't. I'm not Davey Morrison. He's dead. He can never hurt you again, Lizzie. He was more than sick in body. His mind was very sick. I am sorry you and Frankie went through what you did. I know you have had to be so strong so long, but I am here now. You can lean on me. No need to carry all the burdens alone."

The wetness on his shirt confirmed she was crying quietly.

Then she pulled away wiped her tears and took a stoic stance her lips upturning underneath her her nose red from crying,

"I should get ready now."

He nodded in agreement.

As she left Frankie entered. His hair combed and fresh clothes on. He brought in his geography papers all with perfect scores.

He sat down at the table and looked over him. He was a smart and it made him proud. He smiled at Frankie and gave him a thumbs up sign and a pat on his back.

He pulled out his bag and showed Frankie the book he had bought himself on sign language.

He signed, "I have been studying in this. Will you help me, Frankie? I don't think I've the brains you have, Lad."

Frankie nodded enthusiastically. Then he hugged him tight.

He hugged back. It felt good. Oh, he already loved this child so much.

Nell walked in and the sight made her smile. When she saw the book. She was impressed. He could see it in her eyes.

"Should I put the kettle on for some tea before we leave?"

He told her no that if they wanted tea they could have it at the restaurant.

Soon Lizzie appeared and it was like it was the first time he had ever seen her. She was beautiful.

They all went out and got in the van and drove to a nice enough restaurant. The food was tasty, but everyone was comfortable in jeans.

He asked Frankie if he would like to go back to see the Sea Horse in the aquarium with him tomorrow afternoon and then go skim rocks.

Frankie asked if they would go for chips as well. Lizzy looked at Frankie sternly, but he winked and nodded. Then he asked Frankie if he could take his mother out tomorrow night for dancing and drinks?

Frankie nodded.

"Just she and I? You stay with Nana?", he clarified.

Frankie nodded again.

That went well.

"So when are you going to take me somewhere alone?", Nell teased.

He chuckled, "Where would you have me take you, Nell?"

"Paris of course.", she teased.

"Mother!", Lizzy gasped.

"He knows I am teasing. Frankie and I do have a jig saw puzzle we could do of the Eiffel Tower tomorrow night."

"Does that sound fun to you, Frankie?", Lizzy asked.

He nodded and signed after they finished it. He wanted to glue it down and frame it.

"Oh, that would be pretty on the wall.", Nell said.

He watched this family. He felt so in love with the whole lot. The woman, the child and even the mother in law.

He had to marry Lizzie. He wished he could tomorrow, but he knew that they couldn't rush into anything that sudden. He knew how he felt though. He wish he knew exactly how Lizzie felt.

He was glad the dinner was a success and when he got back to the flat. Frankie and Nell thanked him and then made themselves scarce. Lizzy suggested they go for a walk. They did. Then the time was coming to say good night.

He kissed her longingly at the door and started to bid her good night. Her brows furrowed together with hurt.

"You aren't going to spend the night with me? You'll sail away soon. I wanted this memory. We stated our feelings in our letters or I thought we had....".

He could tell it took all the bravery Lizzie could muster to have admitted this to him.

His cheeks colored. Of course he wanted to spend the night with her, but he wasn't sailing away he had given up his job as a sailor for a lower paying job on the shipping line to work on the docks loading ships. He had written her this in his last later. He gathered it must not have arrived yet.

"Lizzie, you must not have received my last letter. I am not going to be sailing out anymore. You know I told you in my letters I am serious about you. Serious enough to start something permanent."

"You quit your job?"

"Yes, I am going to load the ships so I can be home at night with my family. Geez, Lizzie please tell me you knew I was implying marriage."

She looked at her feet nervously, then finally she looked up and into his eyes.

"Of course, I knew you were implying marriage. I wouldn't have asked you to spend the night if you weren't."

He cupped her face,

"How soon would you like to be married? Are you one for long engagements?"

"I just want you to be sure you want me."

"I want you, Lizzie, I want you. I want Frankie. I even want Nell."

She giggled and her laugh mesmerized him. He took her face in his palms and kissed both her cheeks and nose before kissing her mouth.

Then something occurred to him.

"If you didn't get your letter then Marie probably didn't get hers either. I asked her if I could stay in her spare room until you and I married. I bet she has her fellow over and Marie, she is a screamer."

Lizzie laughed and blushed, then she got up the nerve to quietly say,

" Yes, he may be over because I told Marie I thought you'd be here. Frankie and mother knew I was going to have you over. I thought you were only a week shore leave and I didn't want to miss a second with you."

"If I were only going to be here a week then I couldn't bear to be away from you. Propriety be damned, but since I'm home I'll stay on your couch if you don't mind. I want to wait about the other. I want to set an example for Frankie."

She was flattered by this.

" I never knew I was getting such a gentleman."

"It's not easy, Lizzie. I really want you."

"Shhhh, I suggest we go in and watch the telly or something."

" Yes, let's watch the telly. We won't disturb, Nell will we?"

"No, once Mother goes to sleep she is out for the night."

"Don't tell me that or I might be tempted..."

Lizzie shook her head.

"You had your chance, Fellow."

The next six weeks while he stayed with Marie. He and Lizzie had a sweet courtship. He told her she didn't have to, but Lizzie kept her job with Marie deciding they could use the extra income since he made less loading the boats. She told him she loved Marie and she didn't mind the work.

Nell offered to move out when they married. He was having none of that. Nell was part of the family and had lived with Frankie as far back as the child could remember. He wanted her with them. He wanted to show her she was dear to him. He came home with a large parcel in his bag one day with all the Barbara Stanwyck movies he could find on DVD. She didn't say much, but she smiled and her eyes reflected gratitude. She knew from that point on, she was valued by him. Talk of her moving out never came up again.

He and Lizzie would have no children because during one of her beatings from Davey she was rendered barren. His feelings were not altered one bit by that fact. Frankie was his boy now. He intended on adopting him legally. They did not have to have a biological child to be a real family. They were going to be a real family. A happy family!

He didn't believe it could have been a more perfect day for a wedding. Frankie walked his mother down the aisle of the small church near their house. He had to remind himself to breathe she looked so beautiful in her simple gown holding one flower. Nell and Marie were mopping the tears from their eyes, but Lizzie had none.

She had cried so much during her first marriage she had told him she refused to cry at their wedding.

It became so magical as if there were no one else in the world, but Lizzie and him.

The wedding was short and sweet. He sealed his vows with a discreet kiss that promised passion later.

His new life had began with his true soul mate and no matter what he had to do he would make sure they lived Happily Ever After.

He had left her once never telling her his name; Now he had given her his name. They were truly Mr. and Mrs. Calan Bryce Huntley
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A terrific story...just a bit too long for the VC 'challenge'

so it has it's own 'thread'...

and I urge story-loving gals to grab a cuppa their favorite refreshment and have a read! :D

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Lovely, Tracy! And it settled right in to the original movie. You kept them all true to character and everything was plausible.

You sell yourself too short as a writer!

Thanks for sharing!


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:wuv: Who said we wouldn't read it Tracy sweetie, that was a great read, you need to write more....and more!


Anna x

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Tracy, I absolutely loved your story. I pictured the characters the whole time I was reading it.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and I hope you feel better soon.


PS: Good name choice :)

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Thank y'all for you kind words of encouragement. I am deeply humbled and touched by them. I Googled and found Scottish names. I watched Dear Frankie the other night hoping to get my facts right. I think most people want a sequel. I tried to stay true to characters as I perceived them. Thanks again. Though I am a pretty darn sick GAL at the moment. I am very privileged to be attending this Virtual Con.

Love you all,


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Tracy...hope you feel better soon Hun! Your version of an ending is fantastic..never underestimate your capabilities my friend!! :lalala:

:wave: Frannie

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Excellent Tracy I really enjoyed reading your story!! Fabulous just fabulous give us more please.Calan huh?

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Tracy YAY! What a beautiful story. You are a terrific writer. I haven't been in touch, not feeling well. I hope you are doing better.


Joanie :wuv:

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I for one, am glad you went ovet.I hope you feel better Tracy this was great I'm watching Dear Frankie now and I really see now why I was so touched by the peformances in this movie.I will treasure this forever,thank you for your efforts I sincerely hope you are rewarded love ya sweetie...DQ

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I for one, am glad you went ovet.I hope you feel better Tracy this was great I'm watching Dear Frankie now and I really see now why I was so touched by the peformances in this movie.I will treasure this forever,thank you for your efforts I sincerely hope you are rewarded love ya sweetie...DQ

I have been so sick. I did not think I would be able to write a story, but I was able to start this and finish it. With that and the kind words from the Gals. One who is going to be a published writer soon is it's own reward. You are so supportive of me and kind to me, DQ, my writing, my videos and if we are at Stu's you always say a special hello to me. That is in it's self has great value.



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Barb, you are so right, this a wonderful 'early morning" Posted Image read. *Sighs.............*

So beautiful and touching! :tissues:Tracy, this is a wonderful story. :hug1:'s thank you for writing and sharing it with us. :wuv: Well done, Sweetie!


P.S. You're in my prayers. Love ya, Tracy!!!

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Hi Tracy! :wave: I am just getting around to reading your story. I love it! You did an excellent job with picking up the the story and running with it! Great work with the characters. It was like I was seeing them on another DVD! :goodjob:

Hope you are feeling better soon and please write more when you feel better!


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Hi Tracy! :wave: I am just getting around to reading your story. I love it! You did an excellent job with picking up the the story and running with it! Great work with the characters. It was like I was seeing them on another DVD! :goodjob:

Hope you are feeling better soon and please write more when you feel better!


You are too knd, Sweetie.

You all are.

Lots of Love,

Tracy ;)

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