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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry's call to Vegas Con: Transcript


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:ty: Songbird/Katie!!

Hello everybody. This is Gerry, Gerard Butler saying hello to you all at the GALS convention in Vegas. This is my first time I think using Skype so I have no idea if you can even hear me. I hope you can. I'm in my trailer. I just finished work in Atlantic City which I'm now about to leave, sadly, cause it's amazing.

But, anyway a big hello, loads of love to you all. I guess you're all sitting at dinner or something I'm not sure where this will be presented or where this will be played. But hopefully you've all got a few glasses of wine down you and a few beers, or vodka, whiskey…whatever it is, whatever it is, I hope you're having fun.

So I want to thank you all for I guess your continued support. It never fails to amaze me what you guys do and how you've kept us up how you've kept it all together, and the imagination that goes into it and just the love and the commitment. So thank you to all of you who are attending and especially to those of you who put it all together. And to good ol' Dayna here, whose voicemail I'm borrowing for this message.

So, I hope you have a great, great, great fabulous weekend in Vegas. I mean how could you not? Cause by the looks of things you're going to get to watch some of my movies. I personally can't think of a better weekend that I can spend than watching my movies. (laughter) No.

So I'm looking here at what you've got going on. You have a video workshop. I'm not quite sure, you know, there's some fancy names going on here.

So, MySpace/Facebook for Dummies…sounds very interesting, right up my alley cause I'm clueless to those things.

Siggy workshop. What? I don't know; I'm sure it's amazing.

Gaelic Gutter Gab for GALS (laughing) I don't know where you get these ideas from.

Tour of The Shade Tree Shelter and We're All Connected Gala.

You guys are gonna have a ball. I wish I knew what you were doing, but I gotta say from those titles, I'm none the wiser. I recognize some of the other stuff. Have a great time, have a great time.

I am working my little butt cheeks off here. I have a bunch of stuff coming out. I guess I have about five movies coming out now, from thrillers to animated movies, to a couple of comedies, to action. There's no stopping me. I'm kind of doing it mostly to make sure that there's always movies for you to sit in on when you have these movie nights at your conventions. I guess you must be running out of movies by now. So, I work to furnish you with movies for your movie night. (laughter)

Listen, from the bottom of my heart, I'm really honored that you all would even use my name for a convention and that you have these fansites.

You guys at GALS are great. I love your philosophy and how the website was started as well. It just seems like it's created out of a whole bunch of love. So again I'm very moved and touched and inspired by what you do. So I wish you all the best weekend and I hope you have a great time with each other and make loads more new friends and you continue to support each other and have fun with each other and keep supporting me and I'll keep supporting you.

Loads of love and I'll see you all soon.



Audio clip is available for download Voice Message from Gerry

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Can we love this man anymore than we do right now :pant::wuv::drool1:

What I love is the fact he not only took the time to call but actually made the effort to see what was going on at the Gals Convention over the weekend :yay:

I am truly honoured to call myself a fan of this wonferful man :wuv: .

I bet the place erupted when that call was aired.

Thanks to all involved


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Awhhhhh, I read it and this is the line that made me laugh the most"

" So, I work to furnish you with movies for your movie night. (laughter)". :spit:

Too cute!!

:wuv: Love you Gerry! :kiss:


Nancy xoxo

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That's incredible. What a good, good man ... we are the luckiest fans in the world, aren't we? And he's so appreciative of us and what we do. He makes us love him more and more every year, doesn't he? :wuv: Thank you, Gerry, for taking the time to make everyone's trip to Vegas a living dream!

And a big huge THANK YOU to Katie and Barb for getting that up so fast for us!!! You sure know how to make us smile at the end of the day. :D

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what a sweetie! :wuv:

huge thank you for getting the transcript for us Katie :bow:

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Someone needs to tell that man what a "siggy" is! How adorable and I love where he said, "how you've kept US up". He sounds amazed that we are still around. Also, I love the "keep supporting me and I'll keep supporting you". I just loved it all! I'm so thrilled and the only thing better would be hearing that voice say the words!

Thanks you guys for this!



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I, too, am overwhelmed with my feelings for this man. Just when I think I can't love him more--

well, I find that I do!! He's so "real." Wonderful that he took time to make this heartfelt phone

call. It means everything to those in Vegas and to the rest of us.

Do you remember the pre-300 phone call he made? He said that he would "never forget us,"

even after (he was floundering for the right words not to sound conseited) 300! He said he

also hoped never to "disappoint." He was referring to the movie then, but I often think of that

because I trust his judgement in choosing his film roles, and so far, he sure hasn't disappointed


I love this man.


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I am just awed by Gerry's kindness and heartfelt words! :wuv: Thanks so much for getting this to us right away, Katie and everyone!

We Siggy Piggies would be soooo happy to teach you what a siggy is, Gerry! :drool1:



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This was the most beutiful morning surprise for me!!!!!!!!!! :wave::wave::wave:

He is sooooooooooooo nice and sweet and adorable!!! And you are, that you brought the transcript so soon!!! I wish all the possible happiness in the world - especially to him and to you all!!! :pointy::pointy::pointy:

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Katie and Barb

Thanks for getting the transcript posted so quickly so that we can all share Gerry's call.

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Awww...isn't he just the best? What a sweetheart!! Especially to take the time out after working to call the GALS. Thank you so much for the transcript Barb and Katie. The only thing better would be to hear him say it in person...


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Each day this weekend I have regretted not being in LV this year, but each day all the wonderful women who have worked so hard to put it together and keep it running have amazed and thrilled with all the treats coming our way. Thank you, Katie, for working so hard to get this transcript finished so quickly and thanks, AGAIN, to Barb for posting this and everything else so quickly all weekend (well, every day, Barb!). Sleep is overrated, right?

Reading Gerry's words, I could hear his voice, and it just made me fall in love all over again. What a sweetie!!

:hugs: and :kiss::kiss::kiss:


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