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Gerard Butler GALS

Thank you for the honor!


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I am honored to be the recipient of The Rising Phoenix Inspiration Award ~

thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It was so very special to be able to participate via the streaming live feed from the convention. To hear Dayna and Jenni's comments, to watch the video of my husband presenting the Award to me with all you gals in Vegas and in Chat on the Virtual Con web feed...it was thrilling! Thank you all.

I try to keep the spirit of love and friendship that GALS was created upon in my dealings on Board, and in my 'Real Life'; GALS helps me get through the tough things in RL, as it keeps me focused on more than just myself! Thank you Dayna and Jenni for creating GALS, and thank you Gerry for inspiring us. Thank you to the membership of GALS who make this fun! :thankyou:

This is the note I sent to Dayna and Jenni, and thought I would share it here, my thank-you:

Dear Dayna and Jenni,

Thank you both so much! I am honored and humbled to be the recipient of the 2009 Rising Phoenix Award for Inspiration, from the GALS Charitable Foundation.

I am proud to be a GALS gal and try to carry the spirit of camaraderie upon which GALS was founded - the wonderful sisterhood that you started has certainly blossomed into a force of friendship, fun and charity. And best amongst those is charity.

And by charity, I mean it in all it's definitions.

GALS is a community with international membership ~ and the word Charity is perfect, as it has it's roots in many languages, including Old Irish carae (friend) and the Sanskrit kāma (love).

The definitions of Charity are also the definitions of GALS...well, besides our mutual love and respect for Gerry! Charity is: benevolent goodwill toward humanity; generosity and helpfulness; a gift for public benevolent purposes; lenient judgment of others.

These are all descriptive of what GALS and GALS Charitable Foundation strive for and, I believe, accomplish!

Thank you for letting me be part of all of this, and for honoring me with the Rising Phoenix Award.

All my best,


And a I'd like to add a special Thank You to my supportive family, especially my husband of over 30 years, Alan! His presentation was heartfelt, and a 'hit' judging from the gals reaction!

Thanks to my son, Steven, who was the 'videographer' for us and who helped upload the video so that Abrock could show it in Vegas.

Thank you to all my GALS friends :grouphug:


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I can't think of a more deserving and caring person to receive this award Sweetie. You have been such a huge help to me so many times in the three years that I've had the privilege of being a Gal! I want to thank you personally and also my heart felt Congratulations.

{{{HUGA}}} Frannie

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BRAVA dear Barb. I can think of no one more deserving. You work so hard and tirelessly to keep this site spectacular, to maintain an atmosphere of congeniality and charity, and you do so without ever wanting or expecting anything except maybe for others to follow your example in treating each other well. You are so loved, and while we miss your presence in Las Vegas in person, the work you do to make the convention a special event for all those GALS and PALS who can't be there is something so very special - a way of being inclusive so fans can "feel the love" and the fun and laughs and tears, from their own computer. I send you much love and big hugs.
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Congratulations Barb! You so deserve this honor. For all the time you spend keeping GALS up to date with new pictures, articles and news of G and his escapades, we thank you over and over again. And the way you keep the site neat and orderly is no small effort, yet essential - we would never be able to find anything without some order to our chaotic posting. Most importantly, though, is your helpfulness to those of us who are less technically inclined ~ (cough) ME, for instance, and I know you've walked many others through computer and internet challenges, too.

It is my belief that GALS depends on your excellent leadership and experience for its continued existance. We don't know what we would do without you. For you to recieve the Rising Phoenix Award was just a "given." Thanks for all you are and for all you do for this, our cherished site.

Oh... and that Alan of yours.... what a doll he is. We were all enamored by his presentation speach. Count your blessing for such a great guy and give him a giant hug from all of us.

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Congratulations, Barb!! :hug1:

I couldn't say it better than others before me have, so I will just say "I CONCUR" with their expressions.

From the bottom of my Gerry loving, charity supporting humble heart, thank you thank you for all you do for so many, well, everyone!




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Congratulations Barb!!

I know you work very hard on GALS to keep our Gerry needs met. LOL. I truely appreciate all you do :clap::clap::clap:

Allen's presentation was wonderful, and very funny too. You deserve it!

I hope to meet you next year at the con.



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How wonderful for you, Barb. You are truly a wonderful person and I for one am blessed for knowing you as I am sure everyone here feels blessed to have the honor of knowing you.

Love Always.


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Dear Barb,

Congratulations on receiving the Phoenix Award. You are so very deserving of it! Thank you for keeping us all up to date on the latest Gerry news. We know it's a big job....and a pleasurable one too...lol. Thanks for all you do, Barb! It's very much appreciated.

Hugs, Linda

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I'm tickled pink that you were given this award. I remember getting on here back in Jan scared as could be & completely lost. You were one of the first people I had contact with & you slowly nudged me along until I was out of the nest & flying with the rest of the GALS FANmily. You've always had words of encouragement to me & have been a true GAL to me & so many others.

Heck it sounds silly but I do remember it. I remember the time we decided to recycle our siggies. You had one picked out just for me because it was Beowulf with a faerie laying on the ground in the same frame. :D

You are a true GAL & live by the motto through & through. I was glad to be in the chat room with you when you were presented the award.

Lots of love,


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:wuv: Congratulations Barbara, I finally managed to view the wonderful video of you and your wonderful supportive husband, you both looked so happy (I shed a little tear seeing you and hearing you).

I couldn't think of anyone who deserves recognition more for all you do for us Gals, always here for us,

so caring, love you, :kiss:


Anna X

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