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Gerry on Conan

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"I like models too!"

As one who has been known to transcribe conversations for a living, it's my opinion that he did not utter the quoted material above. In response to Conan's attempt at humor indicating that he rubbed up against mannequins, Gerry said, "I do that, too!"

You're right, Gerry said, "I do that too". He said nothing about models and even if he did say that, so what. I can't believe some of the remarks in this thread. I think dissecting everything he says and forgetting that he is on a program to make people laugh, is doing a disservice to Gerry. Only Gerry knows what he means by what he is saying and we should not try to interpret his words.

"sweetpeaz69" are you a fan or what? I'm perplexed as to why you are so critical after this one show.


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Let's keep the thread as positive and fun as we can, everyone. We're on the brink of lots of fun interviews and gorgeous pictures. Let's enjoy the ride. :kisswink:

As has already been stated, not everyone is going to enjoy every single aspect of Gerry or any other actor. But since this is a fansite for Gerry, can we keep our eyes on the stuff that makes us smile?

Thank you. From your moderating staff.

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There are two parts to the interview in Multimedia - it was too large of a file to be in one. Make sure you download Part 2 if you only got Part 1.

As for those new pictures - oh man they are gorgeous and if admiring a gorgeous man (whom I find gorgeous from the inside out) is a crime then lock me up and throw away the key. Here are a few that I love.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Thanks so much for the video clips!

Gerard was really awesome in the Conan show, WOW!!! It was really funny what he told about Lolita, LOL. Personally I think that on photos Gerard and Lolita look really cute together. As he wanted to have a dog, in my opinion the best solution for a person who is constantly travelling, is a little dog like Lolita. As he himself is such a big guy, he does not need a dog for protection, LOL.

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God, he's just ... beautiful.

ETS: I don't want to get the "lusting" part of whatever "this" is out of my system. (My husband would be extremely "unsatisfied" if I lost my visual trigger).

VISUAL TRIGGER - love it. Spot on, G Spot.

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He did say I like Models too but he said that after Conan said the mannequin thing which in my opinion he was making

fun of it and comparing models to mannequins because they were talking about non animate objects lol!

He said "I do" after when Conan said "I don't really do that"

He's so funny :funnyup:

Delene I wanted to post yesterday about what you said, maybe he does just forgets what he says and not that I think it's a big

deal at all it doesn't bother me :)

But it's fun they mentioned him being a big guy and having a tiny dog because every time I ever saw a big dude in the park walking with a tiny dog I always wanted to run up and ask them why they got a tiny dog. I'm 5 ft 5 in and I always got big scary dogs :funnyface: and I often wonder if this is true for everyone else {there's a funny theory I have on this but I don't think I can post because it's raunchy}

Someone mentioned it's practical that he has a small dog because he travels so much and that is so true because it is a lot of work

and maintenance to travel with a big over sized droopy drooling furry dog even though they are just big babies ;)

Again, I loved the interview and he always says something to make me laugh :kisswink:

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For someone as candid as Gerry, I think he either feels he's going to say something wrong so make it all sound like a joke or WTF! I don't think I've ever seen him serious. The only time I can remember is when he was lecturing a papo and then he put his hand over his heart. That's the giveaway! If his hand is over his heart, that means what he's saying is from his heart and if he says then, "now, I'm going to kick your arse" ......RUN! :funnyup:


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