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7/17 Butler/Aniston "Laugh About" Relationship Rumors

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Gerard Butler says he and Jennifer Aniston don't take romance rumors too seriously.

"It depends what mood I'm in, [but] most of the time I just laugh it off," Butler told Usmagazine.com at the NYC premiere of The Ugly Truth Thursday night.

"The first few times it's happened, I actually got really upset by it because you think, 'somebody made that up,' and it's a little bit ridiculous. But then you think, 'Oh, you know what...it's just silly. Then there are days it just frustrates you," Butler said. "One day, we had dinner when we first discussed the movie, and that day she had been linked to three different people! I was already one of them."

Entire article may be found at www.USmagazine.com

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Ummm??.....the NYC premiere Thursday night?? I miss something?? Wasn't everyone in LA last nite?

Note to US Magazine......Get a clue!! :lmao:

The Divine Miss S :rose:

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Wasn't the TUT premiere in LA last night or am I loosing all sense of time? I need to get my grease board up! I always thought being a good journalist was getting your facts correct! For shame!


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Why didn't I go to the next post--nyc premiere on thursday???? We know Gerry is pretty spectacular but on two coasts at the same time, who would have guessed he had it in him. I also am laughing at JA & GB being an "item" but their names are out there. Is it called "show" biz.......

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LOL those rags are not worth a penny. I don't care who Gerry is dating or who Jennifer is dating.

That is their personal life. Their personal life is not to entertain people. That is what their work is for.

As I have said before whenever Gerry has someone special he wants to share with his fans, he will do it through a legitimate means. Until then I consider that none of my business.



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This garbage doesn't concern me....That's Hollywood! These guys know how to handle it although I'm sure a does get tiresome after a while... As Gerry say's....It's laughable! I did however love the last line in that story though...

"Little boy from Scotland did good"

:wave: Frannie

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The aussie newspapers are a bit slow catching up with the rumor mill when it comes to Gerry! There is an article in today's gossip section of the Herald Sun with the headline saying "Jennifer Aniston has rekindled her romance with Gerard Butler". The article reads:

"The former Friends star and the Scottish Actor - who were first linked last September and again earlier this year - were spotted cosying up on the set of their new movie The Bounty.

An onlooker says: "There's definite chemistry between Jennifer and Gerard. They seem to be spending alot of time together, even when they are not working."

A movie insider claims Butler and Aniston, who was recently linked to her He's Just Not That Into You co-star, Bradley Cooper, can't bear to be away from each other.

The source says: "Let me put it this way. They're both hot and single! After they finish a scene, they stick around so they can hang out with each other. Neither is in a rush to leave."

When the pair film kissing scenes, they are keen to spend time perfecting the clinches.

The source adds: " Jennifer will say, 'I think we need to do that again'. She says Gerard's a good great kisser."

If I was filming kissing scenes with Gerard, I would be saying "think we need to that again and again and again".... as they say practice makes perfect!!!!

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