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Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (continued)


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I am sure you are making the right decision--you sure do have a lot on your plate right now. You know what is best for you and your family. God Bless the little ones. Sending prayers for Marc's surgery and recovery and prayers of comfort for your husband's grandmother. Your GALfriends are here to support and encourage you whatever you do.



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Glad I gave you all a laugh!! I laugh at myself alot :lol: What's so bad is how hard I walked into the door!!! :lmao:

Jo - Aww thanks that's sweet :)

Jobella - You and your family are in my prayers!

Well gals what's a girl to do?? Today was my first day subbing this school year and I tell you everytime I go back in the classroom after being gone awhile I fall in love all over again! It's like it's a sign from God that I'm meant to be a teacher! I'm at such peace in the classroom! I love all the kids' unique personalities!

But I need a full time job so I can pay bills and have insurance. It breaks my heart to think of doing anything else but teaching!



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April...You were meant to be a teacher. I love hearing your enthusiasm for teaching. In today's world that is rare and I would hate for the children to miss having you for a teacher. I'll continue adding you to my Prayer List in hopes you get a full time teaching job!! You deserve it sweetie!!

Jobella...You made the right decision for this time in your life. You will get to nursing school. If you want it bad enough you will make it happen when the time is right.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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Howdy yall... Finally made it back on here. Seems like there is always so much to do everywhere else... school, home, mommy duties... Anyhoo... Checking in to see what's going on. Heard on my LOCAL radio station some buzz about Gerry and Jen. They kept calling him Gary though. I wanted to scream "GERRY!!! LIKE JERRY!!! UGH!"

But I have a 2 year old sceaming at me to go outside, so I gotta run. HUGS!!!

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Thanks Gals!

I talked to Sue yesterday, She is so postive but, her heart is so broken. We cried for a good 30 mins or so. Funeral is Saturday to say good bye.

Love ya all


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Hello me lovelies! Back from the UK after a whirlwind two weeks! I was up over 24 hours yesterday and by the time I crawled into bed, I was too tired to sleep! Now the time change has me all screwed up! Oh well, any discombobulation was worth it when compared to the wonderful people and sights of London, Wiltshire (with darling Anna), Edinburgh (with our adorable Moira), The Highlands, Glasgow, Lochs Ness and Lomond, Mull and so much more. Will post pictures when I can - there are hundreds! We had an opportunity to drive through the little village where Gerry's mum lives on the way to visit Rob Roy's resting place, but we asked our guide to bypass it out of respect to Margaret. Libby and I had to do our obligatory pilgrimage to Paisley and the Law School at Glasgow University (even though it was drizzly or deluging (pick one). (Our guide, Michael, was ever so amused by the crazy American women!) In Glasgow, we visited a marvelous museum where Libby enjoyed lots of culture while I made a beeline to a huge Doctor Who exhibit! Oh yeah! I have a picture of me trying to get into the TARDIS, but didn't have a key - darn!

If you EVER have an opportunity to tour Scotland, do it. You will need lots of time and a wonderful guide to really do the trip right. We were delighted with Michael who was cultured, well versed in history, flora and fauna, was not worried about the Scottish roads (many of which were single lane with passing areas), had a wonderful sense of humor, and was very tolerant of his nutsy passengers! (he was also extremely attractive, but taken - darn!) The day we were touring in Edinburgh, Michael wore his kilt and was constantly being stopped and asked to pose by tourists. He was polite but informed them he was working and didn't have time to pose. (he did for us, though!) Libby has his web address and information if you are ever in need of a tour guide.

More later but I'm glad to be home so I can check in with you guys more often - I've missed you! Sending huge hugs to everyone, especially to our sweet Sue and any who are ailing. Will try to catch up on the reading soon.



Oh WOW! look at those new pictures of Gerry!!! :yummy::pant::drool1:

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Thank you for sharing all the info about your fantastic trip! :wave: I enjoy so much reading about all the adventures you all had! Lucky GALS getting to see Scotland! What a darlin' of a tour guide! Looking forward to seeing that pic :menkilt: and ALL the pictures you care to share with us! :wuv: Welcome back, we missed you too.

April, sweetie, you are still verra much in my thoughts and prayers to find that just right for you teaching job. You are right, you were made to be a teacher and the kids that do someday become your students will be so blessed.

LOL. Lish, :wave: glad you had a minute to check in. I am a grandma to a 2 year old now and I can't keep up with 2-year olds any more. God Bless you.

Hugs to all me galfriends,


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Oh Suzie!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and saw so much. I can't wait to see your pics!! I'm so happy for you in that all went well and you could meet up with other GALS along the way!! That's the way to see England and Scotland.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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OH :yay: Our Suzie and Libby are back!!!!!

Welcome home, even though you'd probably be glad to still be there. I know you had a good time with Libby and our UK GALS and our Scottish GALS!! You miss a lot when you are away for a wee bit!! New siggy's and pictures of our beautiful man!! They are totally yummy just like him!! I am so glad you both had the chance of a life time trip. You two were awesome reps for us here at home and from GALS!!

Glad to have you both back. :yay:

Hugs to you both. :grouphug:

Jo :wuv:

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Suzy and Libbie. Hope you had a wonderful trip, it sounds so fun. Looking forward to all those wonderful pictures when you get the time.

Jobella, my sweet. Only you know. I also know you'll do it when it's right. You'll know when that is.

Hello to everyone else. Hope you are having a lovely evening -- kisses.


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:wave: Hi there Everyone!

After trying to read the back posts and starting to lose track of 'what did what to whom and where', I thought I'd better stop, and just say peace and love to all Galfriends. :wuv: Whatever your problems are, whatever your ailments may the Good Lord smile down on you all.

The children have at last departed home taking with them all their various bags etc as they are off for a trip to Wales, I am so envious of them going there, I really should have gone too but I need some me time.

Kudos to any mother with more than one child. :wuv:

My decorator rang and told me he could come next week, quick dash to remove all pictures and fittings from walls, now he calls to tell me he can't come after, :tantrum: the good spell of weather is critical to getting all his outside work done! I hate the colours on the walls! We did try another decorator but his work was appalling.

Can't wait to see Suzie and Libby's photographs of Scotland, especially around Inverness, I am still doing the history of the McIntosh clan, especially the Battle of the North Inch 1396 and the battle Glenlivet 1594, so we need to travel up there but in the winter months when I'm certain the dreaded wee beasties are no more, and I don't mean the haggis!

Hope you have been resting Galfriends, parcels on route today Libby, we have had some random postal strikes, all clear at present.

Frannie are you back home or still staying with sister Peggy? Needs another siggy sweetie, will pm when you are home.

Think I shall spend one free day downloading more fabulous Gerry photo's, and boy are there a lot!

Am I the only Galfriend who hasn't seen TUT? I have been to the cinema but sadly for me only to watch the childrens choices, so maybe tomorrow if Himself isn't bowling, carpet bowls, boring in the extreme.

Will be thinking of dearest Suzie on Saturday and sending love and prayers to her and the family. :wuv:

Loving the trailers for Gamer and Law Abiding Citizen, not reading about them as I don't want any spoilers, just happy enough to watch. Not sure about Bounty Hunter, but will 'suck it and see' as my friend always say's, funny expression!

Take special care Galfriends,


Posted Image

Anna X,

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Great to have you back Suz and Libs!! Also can't wait for pictures... It must have been a fantastic venture especially being able to visit our UK gals Anna and Moira...and just to hang out in the areas that our guy must have hung out in many times... You guys nixing the trip by Gers Mums house was indeed a proud moment once again for Gals... Always makes me feel good to be one just for these reasons... Anyway, GOOD TO HAVE YOU HOME AGAIN!!

Anna Sweetie......Got your message and I'm on it! :D

{{{{HUGS}}}} to all me girlies


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Hi GALS... I hope this is okay to post...we are celebrating Gerry's 40th Birthday in our usual style in New York City and wanted to make sure to invite you...

5th Annual Birthday Bash (Gerry's 40th) in NYC~

We are very pleased to announce that the Bday Bash will be held on Sat. October 24th

St. Andrews

140 West 46th Street

(their new location)


The party will include a complete buffet (Hors d'oeuvres, 3 main dishes)

1 hour open bar- (the next 2 hours will be a cash bar)

$69.00 per person

to be paid thru Paypal only.....email roro9093@aol.com

"After Party" ~ main floor St. Andrews!

Live Celtic Band 9 pm- 1 am

As always, we will have plenty of Gerry/Scottish related items in the raffle. We are also hoping to have some NYC related items, and just plain irresistable stuff as well. (this is where we need everyone's help and genorosity, as in years past.) St. Andrews is looking forward to hosting us this year and its upstairs party room is ideal. Finally...they have a room to accomodate the Gerry fans! Let us know what you are planning to bring for the raffle when you decide, in order for us to keep a running list and hint at any "big ticket" items. We hope to have a little surprise or two...no Gerry isnt joining us...hence the "GERRY WILL NOT BE ATTENDING THIS EVENT" notice.

NicoleD has graciously volunteed to head up the Raffle gathering...we're hoping that our buddies Cinderella and Denise57 will help set up again since they all did such a bang-up job last year.

******* And since after 5 years we may be running short of Gerry/Scottish related ideas

for the raffle, we've decided to have a theme this year...its going to be called

'Six Degrees of Gerard Butler" ...so that gives us tons of leeway...and lots

of fun things to work with! (you can put a little tag on each item tracing its

relationship t0 Gerard. Should be very interesting. ******

In keeping with simultaneous worldwide party theme... we were requested to have party on this date. Since the weather is often wacky (who could forget last years monsoon?)...the "after party" is simply down a flight of stairs!!! And if you get drenched this time, it won't be b/c of the rain..."say no more say no more" as Monty Python used to say!

As of this writing Rosa and I are planning to donate the proceeds of your generosity to more than one charity... Kids Kicking Cancer, Trees for Life and most likely one other NY one. We're sure that a tidy sum will be raised thru eveyone's heartfelt donations.

In addition, see below for hotel and activity suggestions for those of you who will making a long or short weekend of it. These activity ideas are strictly on an independent ...gather a few GB friends and go on your own basis. (not like a hardcore convention since NYC is such an eclectic mix!). This should, as in the past years be so much fun...we look forward to another successful bash and catching up with all our friends, old and new.

Some suggestions for hotels~ Stanford Hotel, Broadway Plaza, Holiday Inn Express, Roosevelt Hotel, Hampton Inn Times Square, Radisson Lexington Ave Hotel and The Milford Plaza to name a few in the general vicinity. Not all of these hotels will let you book just one night. We usually stay 2 days and enjoy the city! Of course, if you split the room two or three ways... it can be quite reasonable. Book early. Thru the hotel itself or Expedia.com ,Travelocity etc...you know the drill.

Some suggestions for activities~ Almost all of the museums (except for Moma which is $20) are practically free (entrance with a suggested donation!!)- the Metropolitan Museum of Art is second to none and The Museum of Natural History (the Guggenheim etc)are also amazing. You can get tickets for a Bdway show in Times Square TKTS- half price...if you havent seen Chicago yet...go! Don't forget the Naked Cowboy in Times Square (and he's running for mayor). A few hours strolling in Soho or Tribeca is always a treat (signature designer stores abound including Jo Malone)...a hanson cab ride thru Central Park or just taking pictures of Radio City or Rockefeller Center while so "touristy" is still a huge photo op...especially without the holiday crowds. Grab yourself a New York or New Yorker magazine when arriving and it will be a comprehensive guide to shows, clubs, pubs, restaurants, and caberets. Sign up to the Village Voice online for specials too. I'm sure all of you 'regulars' can suggest even more cool things to do!

~~ Donna and Rosa

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Sounds extra great this year and I only hope I can get back up to NY so I can attend...If there is any way possible that I can be there I WILL! Thanks for the info Donna & Rosa.

:wave: Frannie

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If I wasn't going to be in Glasgow I would love to try to make the NY birthday bash again. Most years it falls the same date as our Phantom Pheast and Phantom Redux in L.A. This year it doesn't, but alas I'm off to the homeland that weekend! I'll miss seeing you there (and the Scots will miss that adorable accent they like so much - perhaps I should get my NY family to help me sound more like that)!

I will see what I can come up with for your raffle - like the idea you have of Six Degrees of Gerry.

Frannie, I am mesmerized by your new siggy. I find myself just staring at it until I am not functioning!

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I know that's the only chink in the idea of a worldwide celebration for Gerry's 40th!

Alas, if I had the opportunity I would hightail it to Glasgow as well.

Thanks for reminding me,Susan- I had almost forgotten that the Glaswegians

found my Lawn-Guy-Land accent charming....

I wish you a marvelous time in the 'olde country." Us New Yawkers will miss you.


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YOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Where the heck is everybody??? It's so quiet in here. Just stopping in to say :wave: and send some {{{HUGGLES}}} to those in need!

:D Frannie

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I am soooo sorry to have been away for so long!! I feel like :needhug: !!! I am soooo lonely today!! This is not a usual thing for me. But today, I feel sooooo down. And there isn't really a good reason to feel this way. I just do. I could say it's because there hasn't been any summer to speak of and I am depressed about that. But I think it's just being tired.

Back in school and been working on 'Gerry'. He is looking fantastic. I am adding on to his legs and his awesome arms to make them more in proportion to his head and torso. As soon as I get his kilt on, I will take some pictures and send them to Kathy and she will put them on the site. But be aware, he is in black wax for the prep to dipping him in the slurry and silicone sand for the pour. I have to make at least two more to make sure you GALS get one for next year and one for Gerry for his 40Th birthday. It won't be ready for his birthday per se, but it will be in celebration of it when he finally gets it. I have a booklet that will explain all the procedures that go into making the statue of our man!! It will be verra interesting!!!

Well, almost finished with the wee blanket I am making for a beautiful friend's grand baby girl. Then on to another blanket for another beautiful friend's grand baby. So much to do and so little time. Sometimes I love it!!!

There, I feel better now and it's all because of my GALS!!

Thanks for including me in this wonderful place.

Hugs ALL, :wuv:


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Just a quick fly by!

I'm been substitute teaching the last little bit so I haven't been online as much!!

My niece turned 11 today and for the first time I was able to buy her some presents! I gave them to her yesterday!! I'm so thankful for my recent blessings!!

I got her a Twilight poster and framed it and a New Moon poster and framed it!! I told her I'll do my best to take her to see New Moon on opening day!!! I'll be working that day but I'll try!! It'll be fun to take her :) We both love Twilight and are excited about New Moon in November!!!

:hugs: to all of you wonderful ladies!!


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I'm not sure where else to post this. I've been thinking about this for quite some time now. I'm going to leave GALS. For how long I don't know. Don't get me wrong I love Gerry & his movies but I just don't fit in anywhere on here. I have no artistic talent of any kind (siggies, art, jewelry, avi's, manips, etc etc etc). I don't know there is just something missing. I don't feel I belong. Please understand that these are my feelings & maybe they don't sound right but it's what I'm feeling. The only places I really visit are the Siggy Piggy Clubhouse & The Pub. From time to time I'll comment on a birthday or an article posted.

Honestly I feel lost & I don't belong. Please don't try to reason with me as it won't work. I have my own reasons in my head & in my heart. I also feel hurt & I don't want to hurt anyone in return. I guess right now I'm too negative to be around. Work isn't getting in the way...just don't feel I fit. I've been a fan of Gerry's before I found this site in January. I've loved him since Timeline.

And with that I say...

Farewell....for however long....

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Just because you're different doesn't mean you don't belong, Anne. I come to GALS because of Gerry and the friendships I've made. I don't post on every thread, I don't visit every topic. That doesn't make me any less a GAL.

You're not going to get along with every single member. If someone doesn't get you, move on. As in life, you don't have to be friends with every single person you come across. Everyone is different, not just you.

Do what you need to do and know that GALS will always be here.

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