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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry wants the Red-Head's phone #

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I think I said this in another thread but it's worth repeating...I really wish he would make up his mind.... :gah: I'm tired of dying my hair!!!!

:wave: Frannie

LOL Frannie, you crack me up! :funnyup:

Just do like I do...leave it blonde (or whatever color you have) and I just figure he will come around to me sooner or later....LOL

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Amy, if you mean that we should alternate weekends with Gerry, I'm all for that - at least he'll be mine half time ;). Surely he wouldn't mind having two young women at his every beck and call.


In Italy, we have an expression like "between the two contenders, the third wins"... So, even if I'm older, could I have a chance?

I dyed my hair tons of times just for fun, I can choose the hair color he likes... ;)

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It's interesting. People always say that Gerry likes the dark exotic type ( which works for me because I am Egyptian haha :) but he has repeatedly said that he likes all women regardless of their colour, type or style and I think he is saying the truth. It seems that he goes for all sorts of women and doesn't limit himself. Don't you wish all men were open minded like that? :)

oh! does he really like the dark exotic type ?

i am scottish ha so i suppose thats me out of the window

but i do have dark hair and dark eyes

because i have italian family .. i just love him so much ha :-)

xxxxxx :wave:

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Alas the men I have dated have not been to Gerry's calibre or they woudl still very much be IN the picture.


LOL.... I think so!!!

BTW, my man is 14 years my senior, so I wouldn't see anything weird in you dating Gerry!!!

Could you picture yourself in that situation?? :goodevil:

P.S. He's not rumored to date 20-year-old something?? Well...you're still in your 20ies... ;)

Can you explain the bold part I am confused? thanks! lol

Also can everyone please stop going on about being brunette it's starting to depress me, lol I chose to believe he loves women with all different hair colours. :kisswink:

They say he likes to date young models :drool1:

I don't he dislikes blondes though... If you're blonde, I think you have a chance anyway ;)

do you think he would ever consider a 17 year old scottish brunette lol ?

nah :(


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I think with Gerry, he doesn't automatically count anyone out! So, you ALL have a chance...lol! Until he's ready to settle down, why not enjoy what's available :p

Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! :yummy:

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Oh yes the "little red haired girl' I've heard that one before. Why do men love the red hair? Guess it's a man thing. I do know one thing red hair can mean fire and temper, but after seeing LAC I'm certain Gerry can handle :tantrum: any " little red haired girl "with ease.

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Gerry could have this Red-Head's phone # if he were to do a remake of "Dam Yankees" the 1958 movie... four stars. The Red -Head would have to be replaced( Gwen Verdon) with another actress, but Gerry could still get the Red Head's phone #.

A torrid, wiggling vamp teams with a sly, hissing devil to frame

the Yankees by turning a middle-aged baseball fan into a wunderkid -

and planting him on the opposing team, the Washington Senators. Red -Head, Gwen Verdon is sensational as the temptress Lola, who gets what ever she wants. Hollywood called on her to reprise her role in the original Broadway musical hit, Lots of pep and zing in this one hour ten minute movie.

Directed: by George Abbott, Stanley Donen

Cast : Gwen Verdon, Ray Walston, Tab Hunter

I gave a look at the movie because of the Yankees 2009" Big Heaven Win". Also "Gerry crossed my mind" as I felt he would play the part of Joe wunderkid well .And Gerry could also have the Red-Head's phone #...two birds with one stone.

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