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Gerard Butler GALS

Truth or lie?


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I watched the interview and almost fell off my sofa laughing. Sometimes what comes out of his mouth is unbelievable. I don't know if this is a true story or just another "gerryism" but somehow I don't believe he has forgotten his first experiences name. I know his reputation with the ladies but sometimes I believe it is more hype than truth. Who knows...but being one of his fans is never dull. I believe he is intentionally being Mike Chadway in his interviews.


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If what Gerry says is true about his wild early days, he may not remember his first time at all! So rather than just saying he doesn't, he has to invent a story. You ask him this same question next time, he'll probably give you another answer.

It's too bad if he doesn't remember, however. I would think that would be a memorable moment in one's life. I wouldn't know. I don't recall myself. :funnyup: Oh wait, I think I was in Jamaica perfecting my routine on the parallel bars!


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