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Gerard Butler GALS

GAMER at ComicCon (no, no Gerry!)


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from: http://www.moviehole.net/200919901-comic-c...w-6-gamer-event

If Comic Con is taking its toll on your energy levels, make sure to drop by Lionsgate’s booth to juice up your cell phone and grab a GAMER Energy Shot! Lionsgate has created a “Get Juiced GAMER Cell Charging Station” for fans where they’ll be able to charge their cell and smart phone batteries with the GAMER charging station. Additionally Gamer Girl Booth Ambassadors will be distributing GAMER Energy Shots and posters to fans at the Lionsgate booth. Once you’ve had a chance to recharge, make sure you check out the GAMER Augmented Reality Experience. The folks at Lionsgate have rendered the world of GAMER in 3D and they want you to check it out! Fans will be able to experience the movie poster in 3 Dimensions via the Web Cam/Computer Station at the Lionsgate booth. If you can’t make it to the booth, experience GAMER augmented reality here: www.whosplayingyou.com (including GAMER’s Red-Band augmented reality experience!!)

Lastly, Gamer Girls will be tattooing a special tag on fans which will unlock the first exclusive clip from GAMER on their mobile phones; fans need only download an easily downloadable program on their mobile phone – you can download the program ahead of time here: www.gettag.mobi. Once the program is downloaded, users will be able to take a photo of the tag which will direct them to a special mobile site that will allow them to view exclusive footage from GAMER (Of course, fans will need to have a phone with CAMERAS and must be able to play video to experience this promotion! )

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Just got back from Comic-Con......... what a show it is! Lionsgate has a great display with "Gamer" pictures and banners.... some interactive computer gadgetry...(I skipped the tatoo).......and some wild gals costumed as Amber is dressed in the film...they looked great! Gerard's face is everywhere! They were very generous with their give-aways.......but I fear they may run out long before Sunday, I'm glad I went early!! I got a LARGE "Gamer" poster along with 2 smaller versions....(they give you 3 posters rolled together......Gamer, Daybreakers, and From Paris With Love...)

For all of you going...get there early!!!

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