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Thank you for being so wonderful.

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Dear Gerry,

I saw The Ugly Truth six times today.

You never disappoint me. You are always on the top of your game.

You always look great, and lend inspiration to any character you portray.

I was so proud of you today as I watched people roar with laughter and

almost disolve into tears as you walked down that long hallway after

bowing out to leave the Abby character to her prize. You make every

character so believable. That is REAL talent. You've got it all;

Charisma, Talent, Intelligence, Charm, Drop Dead Good Looks, and

a Body to die for. Enjoy your stay on top of the world. You deserve it.

You have worked hard for it and you will stay there for as long as you

want to. I'll help.

I hope God continues to bless you with everything you want. I keep you

in my prayers always.

Love you absolutely,


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