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I have finally seen the movie and of course, loved it. I have spoken to so many girls/ladies in Echuca and the same response, everyone loved it and wants to see it again. I plan to see it again on the weekend, cant get enough of Gerry and Mike Chadway..... and laughs too!

I saw in the weekend papers it as our No. 1 movie.



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Hi: According to reporting, U.S. figures including Tues. are 83,501,862 and International figures are 16,712,190 for a total of 100,214,042!! So much for the critics advice! So happy for Gerry and Katherine. They did it! (With a little help from us) I'm so very glad it's a hit! Wait until those other countries see it. Pretty good for a movie that only cost 38 million.

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I saw it again on Sunday (my 6th) with my hubby (his 2nd) and we were both surprised at how full the theater was. Here it was in its 5th weekend and I'd say at least half the theater was full, maybe more. I'm so accustomed to going to a Gerry film in it's 2nd or 3rd week (except fo 300) and finding myself almost alone in the theater. I'm thrilled for him, now let's see some good numbers for Gamer and GREAT numbers for LAC!
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