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Gerard Butler GALS

Our baby's growing up and he's gonna be

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I'm so excited by Sarah's post about Gerry's moving coming up IMMEDIATELY AFTER 300! I think very soon, Gerry's going to be everywhere. Everyone will find out in the not too distant future what we've know for some time now. I for one am going to LOVE it.

I feel just the tiniest bit sorry that we won't be an "exclusive" little group anymore because I really think that this guy is so talented and magnetic and he's going to shoot up like a rocket


I've haven't had the opportunity to meet him and probably never will, but just think, some of you will be able to say "I met him back when.... etc." and Bethy will be able to say "Yeah, Gerry called me on Christmas to see how I was doing." Just how cool is that anyway.

I'm so absolutely excited for him, his dreams are coming true and that's wonderful. I hope his new "status" will be everything he thought it would be. How wonderful for him.

I feel like part of his family, going YEA, remember when he had to _____ the camel, well those days are OVER.

:chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter:

:gbflame: :gbflame: :gbflame: :gbflame:

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*sniff* I'm so proud!

But hopefully he won't lose that beautiful part of himself that loves his fans. It makes him so damn human!!!!!

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I have to admit. I have felt a bit selfish in wanting to share Gerry with the rest of the world. It seems with each movie he is getting more famous and I hate to admit but I kind of like having him be my "superstar".

Am I a bad fan? :;):

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:yippee: Gerry taking over the world....

I just hope that Gerry gets what he wants out of all this and that he still stays the same 'gorgeous' human being that he has been up to now.. friendly, lovable & sexy!!!! ::D:

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Yes, I think 300 will be the vehicle to make the world sit up and take notice of OUR GUY! I know he wants to be a success in his field. He is SO talented, and we all know he is HOT, so there is no reason that he shouldn't be on the A List of Actors. His movies have gotten him attention, and some of them have been from sub groups of people (those who like Musical etc) but this one I think will be heavily promoted, and will appeal to all audiences! :clap: Expect to be hit with a ton of new members after that film comes out! And can we hope for Action figures from this movie! My Marek Timeline doll is the only official doll of him out---altho there are many Kendoll alterations on ebay---but still it is nice to have one made just for our guy, and by the way if you have not seen the Marek doll--it is fabulous, looks just like he did in the film--all 12 inches!

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