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Gerard Butler GALS

8/23 - Gerard Butler follows in Sheena Easton's footsteps with accent change

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Hey GALS :wave: Don't know where to put this.....story of my life :wave:

Has Capone Rising been officially halted...off the agenda ...because it's disappeared all of a sudden and Burns is back on the boil...no problem with that but anybody know what's going on...pretty please...I was so looking forward to this...bummer... :tantrum:

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Gerry will never truly lose his accent it will always be there and when he comes home it will come back to the fore. As for Sheena Easton that's another story we scots( especially Glasgwegians) dont like it when ex pats put on phoney accents another eg is the singer Lulu :pointy:

What about Gordon Ramsey who is born Scot but has a British accent?


"Scottish by birth, Gordon was brought up in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, from the age of five."

That's why. :)

So being only five is no excuse! I say, OFF WITH HIS HEAD!



NOOOOOO...I loveeeeeeeeeee Gordon Ramsey...Hell's Kitchen is my guilty pleasure ;)

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Gerry is Celt of Irish decent. Because of history his ancesters were forced to flee Ireland thus GB being born in "Glasgow". It was Gerry and his talent that got him where he is today. Lets not forget his mum and his gram. I travelled Ireland and Scotland, met and talked to people that could have accepted Gerry as a proud son but in both countries he was ignored with an exception hear and there but the influence lent to GB from the public media was nill. Gerard as far as we are concerned is a A-lister here in the states and with his OMG his fans. In MHO it was Gerry and his all around raw talent got him where he is today. If his fan sites such as GBgals were a help we will never know but we do know we pegged a "super star" ahead of any industry on the planet. Gerry will rise above and set his own foot print.

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