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Gerard Butler GALS

12:01 Showing Of GAMER in Ohio

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Saw Gamer tonight with some special friends in Ohio. Gerry was hot as usual - lots of close ups of his eyes and great action scenes on his part. Too much skin and violence on other characters, but good story line. Just not enough of Gerry's skin!

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Wow Barbara....you do get around....Ohio, now....lol. Glad you liked the movie. Donna and I went to the midnight show and enjoyed it too!

Hugs, Linda

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Just came back from seeing the movie--I feel exactly as you do. I can take the blood and guts

but the "skin" scenes rather turned me off--very off. I just wish there had been more character

development, but for what it is, I will go along that it is a good movie. Just won't be my fav

Gerry movie.


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Wow I didn't know what to expect when I went to the theater.I had a date with my 20 y/o son so we were anxious to check it out.There was a lot going on and at times I thought it was too graphic lots of gratuitous violence and enough speaking lines or character developement as far as his role goes.Michael C Hall is one of my favorite actors as well,his dancing scene was hilarious.Gerry looked exceptional though but I would have appeciated more plot....Dq

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I saw it today, and was really impressed! I think Gerry has a real winner, here! I can take the blood and guts, having sat through many Terminator and Jason movies with my sons. I thought Gamer was very innovative and had underlying themes of humanity versus technology. I can't wait to see it again, as I'm sure there is a lot I missed. Could not take my eyes off his arms! Gerry is a GORGEOUS man!! Amber Valletta is very very beautiful. Michael C. Hall did a great job with his acting, as his role provided more acting moments.

All in all, Gamer was VERY entertaining..........one heck of a wild ride! Gerry really has had such diverse roles. How many actors can say that??


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