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Gerard Butler GALS

9/9 - Butler Bases Arresting Performance on Real Life


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OMG! My eyes nearly popping out of my head..... I am speechless.

What a body and well toned I see all the way DOWN... to the top of his jeans!

Certainly made my day. Thankyou.


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I have only one word for that new photo of Gerry....THUMBSLOTS!!! :galdown::drool1:


Will someone please tell me what THUMB SLOTS are?

I know I'm dense, but I have never heard this before.


I don't know either... Please help!

Weird, now we have all the same wallpaper... who knows why??? :naughty:

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Way back in the early days of GALS, that heavenly slice of lower abdominal muscle was termed "Thumb Slots" by our own Susan~Sporran, if memory serves me correctly. Remember the shirtless scene in Timeline? I believe that's when that phrase came into being.

And NOW after a loooooong dry spell, we get to see the THUMB SLOTS again! Yes, a woman's thumbs would fit quite nicely into those grooves. heh heh I'm just sayin'

Susan, where are you?! :kiss:

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