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Gerard Butler GALS

LAC Promo Pics


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:funnyup: Let your fingers do the walkin' Tanya! :lol:


With the bare-chested pic, I nearly missed this one!


Makes me think "Gerard Butler, Solicitor at Law"

mmm mmm mmm

Hmmmm I do work for Verizon and it is V shaped.I'd like to fill the position.Dial "G" for a good time no make that the time of your life....Til the cops come knockin.. Edited by dairyqueen
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Katie, that last picture almost looks like he is unbuttoning the shirt to take it off...I wonderif this leads up to the "nekked standoff" with the police.....I can't wait to see what the thought was behind him being nekked when they arrest him.....maybe he wants to show absolutely no resistance????? I just know I'm going to be dreaming of those "thumbslots" for many nights to come. :kisswink:

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:funnyup: Me, too, Lisa!!! My attorney boss resembled Gerry...in NO WAY whatsoever!!!


I think I find that picture so sexy (ASIDE from the obvious: that it's GERRY, his shirt's unbuttoned, it's a blue shirt (love him in blue), his eyes are killer gorgeous, his hair is salt and pepper and just the length I like, there's a bit of scruff, and there's chest hair) because of the setting...with the law books behind him. Knowing the signs of Gerry's intelligence (his honors law degree from Glasgow University, his vocabulary for just two) has always appealed to me as much as his outward beauty.

*sigh* :wuv:

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Well, that's it now, isn't it, Katie? I mean, gorgeous guys are a dime a dozen but Gerry is the total package. If he wasn't the intellectual and generous man that we know him to be I don't think half of us would not only be here, but be as fiercely loyal as we are for as long as we have been.

So, yeah, the picture with no shirt is incredibly HAWT, but the one I like the best is also the one in the office, shirt unbuttoned, shadows cast over him, deadly fierce look in his eyes ...

That's the wallpaper picture ...

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And I was remiss earlier and would like to say a huge


for posting the incredible HQ pics from LAC and thanks to Overture Films (or whomever is responsible) for sharing them with us!!! Truly incredible shots, all of them!!



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I think all has been said that can be said about that awesome shirtless picture except for one thing. I would have given anything to be walking behind Gerry when this picture was taken. Those jeans are riding so low that my mind can only imagine what the view was like from behind. Front or back this picture conjures up some wonderful thoughts.

SGDs gals!!!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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Dear God In Heaven--I certainly hope that "mother" Margaret isn't having the same thoughts

about "our" boy as those photo's have brought out in this "faux" mum!! Thank goodness, this is

Clyde (in character) and not just "Gerry," because I am a "goner!" Don't want to be lyin' to my

DH when I say I think of GB as the son I never had!!

Judy (feeling a little shakey right now!)

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