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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry on TMZ Sept9th


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So anyone happen to see the TMZ show yesterday?

I heard Gerry was on again walking into a building with a brunette & someone said a man might have been with them?

If anyone saw this can you post the link I missed it, thanks!

If you go to TMZ.com and put in Gerry's name it will most likely be there today or tomorrow.
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Harvey laughed and said she had been "Butlered"

I wish they stopped using that annoying word plus what's the big deal of walking into a building with someone or going out to dinner with someone or talking or hugging someone :lalala:

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A reminder ladies this site is to be respectful of Gerry. His private life is his - not for us to publicly speculate.


Yep! Also because...counting the ladies around Gerry means you need a calculator...

Tabloids have a story 24/7 regarding Gerry, what boring!!!!

Why don't they go to bother someone else???

I'm even getting angry... :grrr:

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