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Top 5 Favorite Gerry Roles

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I totally agree it is hard to put them in order. I went higher up with movies that he has more screen time. He's fantastic in all his roles(even if the movie isn't quite up to par).

The ones that have some sentimental attachment for me got bumped up the list too... like PSILY is the movie where I discovered Gerry. And Phantom solidified the connection. :)


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Hi, everyone! Haven't been on in a bit. Here are my favorites, in order...

300 -- Gerry's amazing ability to show so many mixed emotions at the same time...mostly through the look in his eyes...blew me away!

POTO -- Something about his performance as Erik distinguishes this role for Gerry from all the others. I haven't been able to put my finger on it yet, but there is a marked difference.

Dear Frankie -- Gerry played The Stranger so simply and yet The Stranger's emotions and reactions were so beautiful...really showed the compassionate side of the character.

PSILY -- the walk along the road in Ireland has to be one of the loveliest scenes in any movie ever made. And my heart absolutely BREAKS when Gerry puts his head on her shoulder and Holly holds the letter to her chest.

RNR -- Gerry's best comedic performance. There is so much more to his subtle humor than in the romcoms.

As you all know it is so hard to choose...what hasn't Gerry been great in? That diversity is what makes him stand apart from any other actor working today. Proves that Gerard Butler is not only extremely talented and gifted as an actor but also smart and strategic in his business. You know, "you make your own history." Gerry's doing that brilliantly.

He definately is not simply a "pretty face."

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Guess I'll chime in with my five...

1. Attila....cause that's when I got caught up in this whirlwind of Gerry Fandom!

2. TUT

3. Dear Frankie

4. The Jury

5. LAC

Honorable mention...:unsure: POTO!

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Okay...let's see if I can come up with a list without driving myself nuts. This list changes constantly but here goes:

1. RocknRolla: I love him in this. He runs the gamut of emotions and keeps my attention. This film is brilliant and I think it is a wonderful showcase for Gerry's talents. My fave scenes are he and Thandie Newton. Such witty exchanges. And when Handsome Bob reveals his feelings for OneTwo. And, of course, the absolutely mortified look on Gerry's face when he's dancing with Handsome Bob. I crack up every time.

2. Law Abiding Citizen: Man oh man oh man. I can't believe how Gerry made me want to pull for Clyde despite his character's methods of teaching the Philadelphia Court System about justice. He gives such a layered performance here--and not just layered but textured. He is rightfully proud of this movie.

3. 300: Just blows my mind. Truly. Such gravitas. It seems impossible that the brooding Leonidas is played by the same guy who played "Daveheart" on SNL. His stance, his look, his statements as King of Sparta are perfect. He personifies Warrior-King. And then he appears on Craig Ferguson and giggles his head off. It's almost disorienting!

4. PSILY: The kiss on the road in Ireland is the most romantic scene ever. I wonder if tourism shot-up in Ireland with loads of single women booking tickets so they could walk along a road and meet a Gerry Kennedy.

5. I'm really torn on this but I gotta say "The Ugly Truth" for Mike's transformation--especially in the deleted scenes. Those give Gerry a chance to show the real heart of his character. A subtle look here and there, a poignant moment. Those scenes made me feel that Mike had a tenderheart after all...then the scene outside Abby's room. You can see Mike's heartbreaking.

Honorable Mention:

Andre Marek in "Timeline" I adore this romantic hero. The conversation in the river..and then the kiss. Why can't all archeologists be like Marek.

Milo Boyd in "The Bounty Hunter"...I do like Milo alot. I just haven't been able to study Gerry in this very much. But, the dinner conversation really touched my heart. Poor Milo. Gerry showed us just how very hurt he was by divorce.

Phantom: "Music of the Night" and "Point of No Return"...totally got the hotness in those scenes.

And, now, I'm already wanting to reorganize my list...

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No, but he is a pretty face (as he said in the out-takes of TUT) - I will try to list 5 favorite in order, but like the rest of you said, it is hard, because he is wonderful in all of them.

1. PS I Love You (because it is special, it is where I discovered this beautiful man).

2. Law Abiding Citizen (he broke my heart-Clyde was so lost)

3. 300 - just amazing(so strong, but so loving and sensitive with his Queen)

4. TUT - so downright charming ,sexy and funny....the dance to die for..

5. Dear Frankie - the stranger wasn't in there long, but what a special performance. :cunning:


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I totally agree with phoenixgirl that Shattered was so underrated. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time and at the end with the twist I was going "OMFG!" I certainly wasn't expectating that at all. I think my grandmother would like it...she isn't your typical 76-year-old. She even wanted to see The Ugly Truth. I warned her about the language and all the sexual references but she just said "I'm not a prude." She could possibly outswear Gerry....Wait I don't think it's possible...LOL

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