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Gerard Butler GALS

40 Reasons We love you Gerry

gerry's girl40

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It's hard to say exactly what it is that I love about Gerard Butler...but I have to agree with Barbara...it says something about one's character how much he adores his Mum...but I love his eyes...they show the intensity of his soul...I love his personality...how he can be so serious one moment and so silly the next...he's a complex man and I hope one day to meet him...I'm 42 years old and I thought I would out grow having "crushes" on actors...but Gerard Butler...there's something about him that makes this 42 year old woman's heart flutter like a school girl....Thank you Mr. Butler!

PS: On a funny note...a neighbor's daughter asked me if Gerry was my son!!! lol...

PSS: I'm sorry about my reply...I don't know why it's taking up so much space...it's a banner...is that why?

PSSS: Happy 40th Birthday Gerard Butler and so many more!!!

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I love everything about Gerry. He has it all: charisma, charm, intelligence, talent, humor,

strength, grace, gentleness, dedication, a sweet spirit, and he is gorgeous. What more could

anyone ask for? He is a beautiful person, a gorgeous man, and an adoring son.

Like I said, he has it all.

I love him absolutely,


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Why do I love Gerry... Let me count the ways

Gerry came in to my life at a very crucial time in my life.

I had been very lonely and depressed since my mothers death.

When I first saw Gerry as the Phantom on Mother's day weekend 2005 (coincidence).

My whole world changed. I immediatly got online and looked him up. I found a world of Gerry Juice!!!

I learned how to make music videos and I joined a whole group of ladies who loved him too.

I had never traveled on my own and I came to Vegas on a plane by myself and later went to

Scotland.... The rift between my sister and I healed due to the fact we both admired Gerry.

Gerry, thank you. My whole life changed for the better. I have lots of friends now and I have places

to go and people to see.

Happy Birthday Gerry, You have brought me to life

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Gerry, I love that you are so devoted to your family and your fans and the fact that you are proud to be from Scotland. I love to hear the Scottish brogue in your speech. I love the movies you are making and that you really care that whatever project you are working on you will give it your very best. :wuv:


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Okay, I'll give it a try as well...

As an actor, I love your diversity, that you portray a different character each time, that some people have to look twice or three times or a whole lot more to see if it's really you.

You not only look different each time, you are different, you don't play the part, you are, for a short term, the character that you portray and while watching a movie, you are able to pull me into the story and I always seem to forget for a short while that it is a movie.

Not many actors can do that so that's a big big compliment to you ^^

You lay your whole persona in a role and I love it! :)

You also seem very down to earth, a trade I admire.

(Now, I will not speak of your eyes although they are GORGEOUS ^^ nor will I mention the cheekyness :funnyface: or the fact that you're scottish, which is a very big plus point in my book :cunning: ) haha

But I think, what mostly stands out for me, is that it seems you have a passion for everything you do and that my dear Mr Butler is something I hope you'll never lose ;)

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For all the things you have inspired me to change about myself I give you my thanks and a place in my heart no one else ever filled. Just when things look impossible to go on you give me what I need to carry on and all of this you do without even knowing me. You give me sanity in an insane world. When I am on the brink of losing hope I can see your smile or hear your voice and know I can make it through whatever life has thrown at me because I am not alone, not while you are in this world and I can share your magic with all those others who care about you as I do. You are a special man never forget that.

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Dearest Mr. Butler~

In Celebration of the Vintage Year... that of~ 1969

Hmmm! What's not to love about you, Gerry ;-)

If I had to draw upon the literary expression what quality that I admire/adore most about the Man..

I would convey hands and lips down~ The Ethereality of your Scottish Soul.

That's all!


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LOVE LOVE LOVE those Eyes!

I also love the way you went after your dreams and that you seem to be a man who embraces his faults as well as his attributes and

I love you for your weirdness at times and for your desire to learn new things xoxo

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Ode to Gerard James Butler

I love your little crooked smile

And your crinkly nose

I love your “unique” fashion sense

In your casual clothes

I love how great you treat your fans

No matter who they are

I love that you seem so humble

For such a big film star

I love your very handsome face

Of which I never tire

I wish you only happiness

As your star climbs even higher

With much respect and best wishes for a totally AWESOME birthday! :happybirthday:

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What to say that hasn't already been said?

For your sense of self. For being a kid at heart. For being an inspiration without even having a clue. For being surrounded by a sea of people and still have enough innocence left to look absolutely alone. For being completely and fallibly human.

Hats off to you Gerard Butler. Here's to wishing you a lifetime more.

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I love your outlook on life which makes you a conundrum I would like to figure out someday. You are this fun, sweet, sensitive boy, yet such a wicked sensual man!


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dearest gerry,

happiest upcoming '40th' birthday to you with a great, big, grand hugger!

40 ways? hmmm. 'let me count the ways'.


you're the bomb, cats meow, cream in the coffee, spring in the step, light in the hall, sincere, giggly, intelligent, hard working, true artist, great performer, great singer, humanitarian, honest, direct, no punches, energetic, good looking, celtic, born in the 60's, funny, serious, clever, mammoth, adventurer, sensitive, loyal, open-minded, friendly, stubborn, rebel rouser, diplomatic, heroic, (are we at 40 yet?)..........

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For being an inspiration without even having a clue. For being surrounded by a sea of people and still have enough innocence left to look absolutely alone.

Iliessa...my words exactly.

Dear Gerard

you inspire me to go after what I want...for the first time in my life

I absolutely LOVE you for that.

OH......and I Love your :bum: sense of humor :cunning:

Have an amazing birthday with your family and friends. :bday2:



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  • This is my list!!!!
  • Mastering showing your kindness to others (not many actors can do that)
  • Yawning in public, but not regretting it
  • For figuring out who you truly are
  • Observing things that some people never notice
  • Regarding a walk in the monnlight as a good thing (a lot of guys don't think about it at all)
  • Telling your mum, you love her and saying it often in interviews
  • Your beautiful soul
  • Remembering to always value your family
  • Eclipsing one film with the next one which is even better
  • Always willing to take a chance for your art
    • Showing that you care about the enviroment, nature and animals
    • Only caring about the truly important things in life
    • Never regretting who you are or what you do or how you live
    • Stopping yourself from drinking again, saving yourself from that habit (I admire you for that)
    • Wondering about the same things in life that the rest of us wonder about
    • Engaging in life to the fullest
    • Liking you gives all of your fans something in common
    • Only using your past experiences to show you your path ahead
    • Valuing you fans and their help in getting you where you are today
    • Effecting everyone you meet with your charming personality
    • Your caring and humorous ways
    • Opening up about your life to fans
    • Using your own talents to build your career, the way you want it to be
    • Granting us the priviledge of knowing you
    • Engaging in polite conversations with your fans, when they meet you
    • Really being yourself in front of the people who interveiw you
    • Answering your fan's questions to you
    • Running across the mud flats with a deaf boy just to spend time with him (I have a feeling you would do that even in your day to day life)
    • Dreams of someday meeting you gives us hope
    • Jumping into dangerous waters just to save a life
    • Asking your fans to continue to support you is what makes you so special to us
    • Making a pact to help "kids kicking cancer" and other charities
    • Every time you smile, you light up someone's heart
    • Showing that even an actor is just a human after all
    • Bringing us all together to celebrate you, where we can make dear friends
    • Using your talents to make a difference in the world
    • Telling people you care how they feel
    • Leaving the cigarettes behind so your fans don't worry for you
    • Encouraging young people to act and develop their own talents
    • Realizing Scotland will always be your true home, and that is where your heart is
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