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True, true. Plus, Vegas isn't nearly as fun until you're "of age." Even if you can't make the conventions, you can still schedule get-togethers with nearby gals, once you feel comfortable! :)


As it was easy Steph... In two months I didn't find anyone here in New Zealand... :(

At least, I'll finally see LAC, it opens January 14th in Auckland!!

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Most likely this happened prior to Gerry’s Aspen trip, but a very cool story via Twitter. It also sounds like Gerry’s family came over here for the holidays, I would guess they are most most likely with him in Aspen as well. Click through to blog post: Gerard Butler Dances with Retail Clerk:


That is an adorable story!!!!

Lucky gal!! ;)

I arranged to meet up with a fellow Aussie GB fan not too long ago, we exchanged phone numbers over at gb.net, but she was heading to my state when I had a busy week at work, so our catch-up fell through

One year....I hope to make it to a Vegas con...hopefully the SAME year Gerry makes an appearance too! *fingers crossed*

I love reading Gerry related tweets....especially the positive ones!!

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