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Wrath of Gods DVD


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OK I need some advice... Can anyone help? I am desperate to see this documentary but have noticed there are two versions. Is there any difference between them? I can't seem to find Wrath of Gods on amazon uk so wheres the best place to buy it from? I have seen clips of the documentary and Gerrys interview and I really would love to see all of it in full :yay: Any advice fellow GALS?

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It's not a joke and in the European version which is presented without the black box, there is definitely flashage (it's very quick). Gerry is such a GUY, LOL! All this takes place in Ger's trailer after the last scene is done and he is removing his wet suit. He complains about the tighty whities from the wardrobe people and then he flashes. All you see in the US version is a black box over the whities and other things. I guess they are afraid American women will be embarrassed by a flash. Little do they know us!

You can sometimes find the European version on Amazon.com, but you may have better luck on eBay. I know the old DVDs are in short supply.


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I didn't realize the first one I bought was a European version. It plays on my U.S. VCR. Anyway, it was the earlier version of Wrath of Gods and it definitely has the part where he snaps the waistband of the tighty whities. It's fun to watch in slow motion (I know. My bad.). But you really can't see that far down, but darned close.

Then I bought the new one with the new cover and extended interviews. They had added the black box to that version! I would have loved to hear the conversations in the decision-making process on that! LOL

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