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Did he say that he was in NYC on 9/11? I'll never forget that day. DH calls and tells me to turn on the TV about seven thirty in the morning and one of the towers is burning and as I'm standing there in disbelief, a plane flies in to the other one! It was surreal, like watching a movie!

I'm so glad Gerry was a part of this thing. What a guy!


I think he caused the interviewer to be a little tongue tied though.

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Love both of those videos. Thanks Lisa and Ren!! Gerry can't resist teasing a girl and making her tongue tied by his charm. He always says the first thing he looks at on a girl is her eyes. He just proved that.

I didn't know Gerry was in New York on 9/11. Boy, his Mum must have been nervous when she heard about what happened with Gerry in New York.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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