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Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler Debut 'Law Abiding Citizen'

(click link for video)


New video: Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx premiere their new thriller, 'Law Abiding Citizen,' on Tuesday night in Hollywood.

"Sometimes I get really worked up before these premieres, but today I've been really relaxed, because this is my movie. I produced this, and I'm in it, and I'm so excited and I want to just enjoy it," Gerard told ET on the red carpet.

Jamie, for his part, opened up about working with Gerard, "Gerard was great, man, you know what was amazing too? Good looking guy, the sex symbol, Hollywood -- but a little shy, a little unsure of himself, which makes for a great entertainer, because anybody that's too sure -- I'm the same way -- you know, that's too sure of themselves? There's really no way to tell them what you think, or give them criticism. He was great."

In the film, Gerard's character is out for revenge after his family is brutally killed and Jamie, who plays the lawyer who he believes betrays him, is his No. 1 target.

'Law Abiding Citizen' hits theaters October 15.

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