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10/6 - Times/UK TUT interview with Gerry

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from: http://www.timeslive.co.za/entertainment/m...43751.ece<h1 class="articleTitle">Q&A with Gerard Butler </h1>

Oct 9, 2009 10:12 AM | By The Times, London

Scottish heart-throb Gerard Butler talks about his role in the romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth.

Q: What was in the script that resonated with you?

A: It was almost instant. From the second Mike explodes on screen doing his show, literally every second word had me laughing. As the movie goes on and you get a more layered insight into the character, you realise that he is outrageous and hilarious. He is edgy, but a good guy with a good soul at the end of the day. I've never really played a guy like this before.

Q: As an actor, how easy was it to step into this man's shoes? Do you share any characteristics with him?

A: Definitely. Mike is a big personality who says some risky things and that is part of me. It's a Scottish thing. A Scotsman in America is always saying things that make people stop and take a second look (laughs). We can be a bit unpolitically correct. I always try to find the parts of the character that are inside me and then the parts that I have to make up.

Q: What parts are you?

A: He has a lot of energy - and some charm. He has some proactive philosophies about sex and relationships.

Q: Were any of those new to you?

A: To be honest, when guys hear all of this they admit that they have had those thoughts. But they don't live by those principles. Many of them are outrageous and push the boundaries of new levels of outrageousness. I have to be careful when I answer these questions because this could all come back and kill me (laughs). People will say, "How dare that bastard say that?"

Q: Maybe he feels that way because his heart was once broken. Can you empathise?

A: That is what is interesting about him. At the end of the day, he carries a lot of baggage. When you understand that, you get a better appreciation of where he is coming from and feel more empathy towards him. There is some of me in there. Look, every man has a bit of sexism and chauvinism in him, if he is honest. That is what this movie is about. We think that way some of the time, but not all of the time.

Q: Men are visual creatures first. What is the first thing you notice about a woman?

A: We cannot deny that we are visual creatures. Half the time you don't get the chance to actually talk to a woman because you only pass her on the street or see her in a car, so you don't get to know her personality. You check out her eyes and go from there. But I do love the fact that they laugh at everything we say. Most of the time, I make jokes and am not funny, so it is nice to be helped out by a woman. Men are turned on by sexy women, though.

Q: What is sexy to you?

A: I see a woman in a really short skirt and wonder why she is wearing that, it looks so stupid. At other times, I think: "What a nice pair of legs". It all depends on how she carries herself. At the end of the day, sexiness only lasts about three seconds. A woman can be sexy in so many different ways. Sometimes she is sexy just in the way she carries herself, sometimes her opinions are sexy or the way her mind works. Sometimes she can surprise me by being so tender, or just loving me. There are other times when it is none of that. I also appreciate it when a woman knows when to just shut up. After saying that, I think I'd better shut up as well.

Q: So, what is absolutely essential for a woman to get your attention?

A: She has to have a good sense of humour. I love spontaneity and I'm a real sucker for a good heart.

Q: When we first meet Mike, he trashes self-help books, which, in most cases, are men writing for men and women for women. Do you think this film makes the point that, maybe, we need the opposite sex to guide us in our relationships ?

A: That is what is really interesting about this film. We all have our own codes of conduct that are not always correct but we stick by them because that is our way. In fact, it is good to know the truth about what is going on in the other person's mind so you can adapt. You don't have to change your whole life to meet somebody else's concepts, but it is good to meet someone halfway. A certain amount of moulding that can happen on both sides. It is interesting that this film was written by three women. They have summed up men so brilliantly. What makes it so fascinating is to see both sides, a woman's view of a man's ideas and a man's view of a woman's craziness.

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