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Gamer dvd release

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A January release would correspond with my birthday too. I'm still going to cross my fingers that they bump it up to before Christmas. Since it didn't make a huge splash in theatres I think it's quite possible that they'll try to get it out for the Christmas rush. :)


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i hate how it was an 18 !!

its rubbish being 17

cant wait till it comes out lol :-)


I remember those days. :) In the US, the federal law is that you must be at least 17 to buy a ticket to a rated R movie, but my state had it's own law where you could do it until you were 18! Urg, it drove me crazy.

And I'm 24 now and still occasionally get carded to see rated R movies.


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I will have to wait for the DVD to be released as I don't think GAMER is going to be screened in our cinemas...


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Oh cool, so just after the New Year then, awesome. I`m excited, I didn`t see Gamer in theaters, so this will be something I have to look forward to. :D

well...that, and The Ugly Truth dvd, which incidentally comes out on my 22nd B-Day on November 10th!! :woo:

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