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Gerard Butler GALS

Bermos and Gerry


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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share this picture with you. It was an awesome night.

I wish more of you could have been there.


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That's a great picture of you and Gerry, Sherrell!

You're such a great supporter, I'm glad you were able to finally get a picture of the 2 of you.

I really wish I could have gone to this of all the premiere's, because it was such an important night, but if I had gone, I would no longer be employed. I'm just too far away for a quick trip and I'm so busy at this time of year. I was very sad about it.

I'm happy for you and everyone else that was able to attend.


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Great picture!! Glad you got to have a moment with the man! I spy a KnightPhantom behind you! :yahoo:

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Great picture Sherrell! I'm glad you got a good one with him. Cate, you took a good one... you did good Sweetie!

Yeah, Deb's everywhere. tehe. I know Deb tried to get out of the way after requesting Gerry to have the picture with Sherrell. There just wasn't room to move.

Sherrell, you do so much in support, you deserve a good picture with "the big guy."

Speaking for myself, I appreciate all that you do for the fans.



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Thanks for sharing the pic of you and Gerry, Sherrell! I really love to see these wonderful pics from you lucky GALS who got to spend some time with Gerry. You look so happy.



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Sherrell I am so happy that there is now finally a picture of you with Gerry!

And yes I tried to get the heck out of the picture, but like Sally said, there wasn't any room!

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