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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry's whole face on screen, I still haven't seen it!

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I just watched POTO and DF again. Well, I call it watching them, I watch the Gerry parts.

I'm sure I'd recognize him on the street, but I'm not sure I've ever seen his whole face on the screen. I'm always focused on one part; lips, or eyes, ears (even his EARS are perfect), hairline (I LOVE his hairline) or something. I never put a whole face together like I do for other actors. Tonight I even CONCENTRATED on trying to see his whole face, couldn't do it. I see other actors whole faces, very strange.

There's just so much emotion in everything he does. I STILL cry during Dear Frankie and I know I've seen it 30 times and POTO still just ruins me at the end with the music box.

Digressing a bit, there's quite a lot of emotion related to his thighs as well :cunning: My favorite little bit is in Phantom during PONR when he has reached out to Christina's hand, backs away leaving his left foot turned up as he backs away. No kidding! I rewind and watch again and again. How can that be HOT? I don't even get it myself, of course my eyes wander to his left thigh as well which is fabulous, but it's mostly about that upturned foot.

Wish we had a psychologist member, maybe he/she could figure out what's up with some of these things that we find so mesmerizing.

When I was a young girl, I dreamed of a lover.... :stranger:

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Stalow, I am cracking up here with your description of the upturned foot and that step back in the PONR scene being a turn-on. For whatever reason, I focus on that too!!!! What is wrong with us????!!!!!!!! Ok, nothing that a little Gerry-fantasizing won't cure. :headspin: It is unbelievable to me, the minor details that get me all heated up. The slight glance upwards as he says "Our games of make believe are at an end......." :wideeyes: :mopboyerik: I can barely breathe at that.

Anyway, enough of that. Back on topic......... The gorgeous one's face. Hmmmm, have to think about this. I think I'm able to see his whole face at once, but looking at it bit by bit is such a treat as well. From the beautiful eyes to that wonderfully expressive mouth. Ooh la la, I can barely focus on anything else. You can read so much in every single expression. Dear Frankie probably shows that off the best but The Jury has the same effect on me as well. (Ok, so does POTO, Attila, Dracula, Timeline............) He has the ability to communicate so much with just a glance or the briefest of whispers. Such power, passion and emotion in just the slightest of movements. Just love it all, Gerry! :inlove: :Draculababy: :mopboyattila: :mopboyreddeath: :mopboymarek: *sigh*

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It's a bit like in Attila he leans and bends down to kiss Simone ...

OMG I love that tongue action straight away.. it's too HOT!! obviously very impatient to get into her pants, yeah!!! :tasty:

Thighs, buttocks... I'd say you GALS are just plan OBSESSED with GERRY'S COMPLETE BODY!!!! and I sadly must admit I am too!!!

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