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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerard Butler Attending Whitney Gala


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Ugh! Where is that scruff!?

I am so over the clean shaven Gerry. He is not even close to be at hot as he is with a bit of scruff....not a lot mind you just a little bit! That being said, he is still the most handsome thing on two feet with the clean look, but it does not turn me on nearly as much.

He is too much a manly man to be so dapper. He needs the edge! JMHO! :wuv:

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http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx324/B...ala/th_fuzz.jpg :thud:

I mean seriously? SERIOUSLY, Gerry? Damn you rock my world!

And I see scruff coming back!! I knew he wouldn't stay clean shaven too long. :D

You know that's my favorite picture.

That's because we have the same taste.

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He's naturally antsy so who knows where it comes from :lol:

I like to think he's still such a child on the inside he just has that ball of energy resonating inside, ready to just burst into flames if he doesn't fidget.

He is adorkable.

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