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Gerard Butler GALS

CTV - LAC Interview

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For those that were asking about the black sweater, he is wearing it in this interview.

He's going back to Scotland in about 3 weeks.


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Also it appears this has already been posted. My apologies, I didn't see it.

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I'm glad he is going home for his birthday. Can you imagine the attention he would be getting here on his 40th by the paparazzis? He needs some fun not attention.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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Ahhh the sweet bells of Paisley.

I bet he's ready for a break. A little R n R will probably feel good. You know he'll back at it soon enough, the man has to be on the move.


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AAAAWWWWW how nice that he's on his way to Scotland soon! I bet his Mum is excited that he's "coming home" ...He really does need a good rest and some of Mums Scottish recipes!

:wave: Frannie

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I'm glad he's going home for his birthday! This is a big one and it's nice he's spending it with his family and friends back in Scotland. They should ring those bells of Paisley Abbey forty times!


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No one deserves a break more, and I'm so so glad he'll be going home. He looks and sounds so tired. Gorgeous and beautiful, but tired. I"m guess this is from this morning.

Thanks, Ren.

Yeah, he needs a rest and a looong vacation from paparazzis.... ;)

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