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Gerard Butler GALS

10/21 - Gerry to Star in Coriolanus w/ Ralph Fiennes


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I like this headline reporting on the news about this film

Leonidas vs. Voldemort

Basically sums it up.

Oh Gosh.. That was the best line they could come up with? Voldemort is a dark magician, poor Gerry.. ;)

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I think it's amazing that in the serious articles (as opposed to the gossip press) Gerard Butler is being described as the "lure" for financing. He's come a long way, baby! No more "Gerry who?"

Despite being the "lure," he wouldn't have been cast in this film unless Fiennes and others thought he could do the job well. I don't think there's any doubt that he can do it. Afterall, he is simply brilliant intellectually, despite his flip funny side. There could have been other "lures" but Gerry got the role. A Roman is so perfect for him. He definitely has the look. Very regal. He could be a Roman statue in a museum!!!!!

What also amazes me about this man is all the work behind the scenes that no one knows about until it hits the news. For instance, when during promoting TUT, filming LAC and The Bounty, promoting LAC, did all this Coriolanus negotiating take place? He must have had to do a read through. People think he such a party boy, but in truth, he's a workaholic.

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I thought it was clever, sorry, those are really the two toughest characters played by each actor and besides this is Shakespeare, we know who wins in the end.

I also thought it was cute ... then again I love the HP series. :)

I'm not so sure Gerry has to do any readings anymore. I've said before that I don't really know how Hollywood works, but my guess is that Gerry is now past the point of having to read for his roles (the thing about him reading for TUT was just to prove the American accent - he had the job). I'm totally guessing here, but I would imagine that he met with Finnes and producers but wouldn't that be more about the type of role, money, etc.? But what do I know ...

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I agree ladies it would be much more interesting to hear about how this deal came together then the fiction that is often peddled about Gerry’s love life, back in the day (do I sound old or what?) those were the sort of rumors that would make the rounds in the entertainment press. Gerry and Ralph Fiennes are seen lunching at the Ivy sort of thing and speculation on what that meant, were they making a deal to star in a movie together? Instead the focus has gone in the gossip direction and that dominates the reportage. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are a fraction of what they were and gossip columnists used to cover some of this kind thing and they actually picked up the phone and talked to people! But those days are over.

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