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10/22 - 'Citizen' a winner for indie companies-


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from: Variety

'Citizen' a winner for indie companies

Foxx-Butler thriller is Overture's biggest opening yet


The opening of Jamie Foxx-Gerard Butler starrer "Law Abiding Citizen" is a victory for independent companies -- in this case, Overture Films and the Film Department -- seeking mainstream success in a brutal environment for the indie film biz.While arthouse titles are fueled by word of mouth campaigns, a commercial title like "Citizen" needed broad, mainstream marketing. Many in Hollywood say Overture's campaign sealed the deal in attracting a male-driven audience evenly divided among blacks, Latinos and Caucasians.

"Citizen" launched to $21 million at the domestic box office last weekend and has seen strong weekday biz, with a cume of $26.1 million through Wednesday.

The vigilante thriller was No. 1 on Tuesday, beating Paramount's "Paranormal Activity." "Paranormal" pulled ahead on Wednesday, however.

read the entire article: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118010278.html

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That's great news. Looks like LAC has legs. It will be interesting to see how it does this weekend. I know I'll be back.

Do you think my boss would notice if my lunch hour took a little longer than normal tomorrow? Hmmmm........


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My family was impressed too. It's just another proof why I'm so crazy about Gerard Butler. My brother-in-law was so funny, in the trailer he thought Clyde has some supernatural power, but in the movie, he found out that he's just a genius killer. ha ha. and by the way, I love seeing Gerry's butt again. Gerry said it's becoming a habit that it seems like every film that he makes he gotta show his *you know what*. That's fine with me.. :pointy:

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I liked this article for the most part, and of course I love hearing how great LAC is doing, but I take issue with the fact that the author notes that Jamie Foxx has a loyal following and was "tireless" in promoting LAC, but pays no such lip-service to Gerry. I mean, seriously, Gerry's following is about as loyal as they get, and, particularly as he was producing, his efforts in promoting the film went beyond "tireless" and into "unrelenting!"


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