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10/23 - Queens College Alum Returns to School as a "Law Abiding Citizen"

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After the movie wrapped, Siegel said he wanted to “hang up my ballet slippers and never produce another movie again.”

Queens College Alum Returns to School as a "Law Abiding Citizen"

Producer Alan Siegel brings new Jamie Foxx Film to Queens College

Queens College alumnus Alan Siegel returned to the college to present students and faculty with an advance screening of his first major production, "Law Abiding Citizen" on Oct. 14. Siegel said the first thing that struck him when he got back on campus was the students' ages. Full story

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Great insight into who Alan is a bit. I didn't know any of that stuff about him wanting to be an actor, etc. I would love to know how he and Gerry hooked up.

I can see where he and Gerry would get on well: “It's just hard work and being yourself, not trying to be what you think that job is supposed to be, and being really fair and honest to people. I think that's how you make your way. That’s how I did it.”

Thanks for posting this, Barb.


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Very interesting! I had no idea Alan was an actor at one time. He seems to be very intelligent and certainly has helped Gerry's career. I always like to know more about the people who surround Gerry and effect his career. Thanks Barb!!!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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