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HTTYD Displays in Theaters


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WOW!! I'm surprised that it is up so soon. That's a good sign for the movie because I heard it was going to be really good. I'm impressed!!

So Ren, does this mean we will not be seeing you much around here because you will be living at the theater for some time now??? Only kidding!! I so envy you. I have seen LAC only once and had to drive an hour to see it. So far it has not come up here in the mountains. Keep hoping though.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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I love all these big displays that they're doing now adays. I wonder what they do with them when the movie's gone? I would have loved to have taken home the giant Gamer display that I saw. It would be the centerpiece to my (eventual) movie room/Gerry shrine. :D

I'm looking forward to HTTYD. I've been wanting to go see one of these 3D movies since they made their resurgence, but haven't gotten around to it... so here will be my chance! Although it's possible that I'll jump the gun and see the new 3D Christmas Carol...

Anyway, thanks for the pic Ren!


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