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Creative Contest - Artwork VOTING


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Welcome to the GALS Gerry's 40th B-day Bash Creative Contest - VOTING!!

You may vote for ONE entry and ONE entry ONLY, by sending a PM (personal message) to me (Jenn) by 12 NOON Pacific Time on November 7.You cannot send in proxy votes. In other words, you can't send me a PM telling me that you're also sending me so-and-so's vote. So-and-so needs to PM me themselves. Those entering in the contest are also welcome to vote! Happy voting!

The winner of this category will move on to compete against the winners of all Creative Contest categories!!!

Please scroll down to view all the entries

*Click them... they get bigger *

Please PM the Number of the entry you are Voting for and which contest you are voting on (Artwork)!!

1. Posted Image

2. Posted Image

3. Posted Image

4. Posted Image

5. Posted Image

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Could someone please direct me as to how to vote on the siggy contest? I believe this thread is only for the Artwork (drawings)? Thanks someone!


PM Jenn the number of the siggy you like best. Make sure to tell Jenn you are voting for the category of siggy.




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:wave: Voting is now CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who participated. The winners and the final contest will be posted later today. :pointy:


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