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11/6 - Scots star Gerard Butler ready for homecoming premiere - and hitting 40


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Nice article in Today's Daily Record including what he has planned to help him turn 40


Exclusive: Scots star Gerard Butler ready for homecoming premiere - and hitting 40

Nov 6 2009 John Dingwall

Gerard Butler admits his toughest role yet will be keeping his accent. Hollywood's most bankable Scot has never forgotten the abuse doled out to Sheena Easton when the 9 To 5 singer played the Big Day concert in Glasgow in 1990.

Sheena was pelted with bottles and cans as she performed at Glasgow Green due to her phoney American tones.

Gerard knows his A-list roles in Hollywood have put him in danger of developing a mid-Atlantic drawl that could spark ridicule when he returns to Scotland for the premiere of his new film, Law Abiding Citizen.

He admitted: "I have to tell you, there's nobody better or worse than the Scots. They are so patriotic and passionate.

"But we are very quick to say, 'Ah, you think you are the big man'. And to see anybody being influenced in any way by another culture is a fate worse than death, especially to speak in an American accent.

"I was doing an interview about a year and a half ago in London and I said the word soccer instead of football and for the rest of the interview I could hardly breathe.

"My face was so red. Literally. I am getting it again now.Whenever I think of it I start to panic because the word soccer is so American and because when Sheena Easton left Glasgow she talked with a really strong accent. Then she spent a couple of years in the US and was suddenly talking like an American and saying how much she loved the States.

"In Scotland we were like, 'B***h, how dare she? Burn her at the stake.'" Clearly proud of his Scottish roots and determined to stay true to them, Gerard hopes he'll be cut some slack at the movie premiere if he does slip up, if only because his profession demands a certain flexibility of accent.

He said: "Now I have become that guy but at least she was a singer. I have to do these accents.

"In this movie I am playing an American so I am speaking the whole time in an American accent. I have to change how I use the muscles and tip of the tongue and the emphasis I put on sounds.

"I did four movies in a row in an American accent so it can't not have an effect on how you speak normally, but I hear myself and I cringe. And I go back to Scotland and see them looking at me going,'Oh you b*****d.' "Yet in America I am still not American.

They still think you have a funny accent and in Scotland you have a funny accent. So I am kind of drowning in the middle of the Atlantic. It's terrible."

Having starred in box office-successes as diverse as battle epic 300, romantic comedy P.S. I LoveYou and gangster flick RocknRolla, Gerard now has the kind of clout that enabled him to fix it to have the UK premiere of Law Abiding Citizen, which also stars Jamie Foxx, in Glasgow. The star-studded bash will be held at Cineworld in Renfrew Street on Sunday, November 15.

However Gerry, who graduated in law before finding fame on the big screen, admits his homeland brings him back down to earth.

He said: "The place where I see less reaction than anywhere in the world is Scotland and I think it's because so much of my success has happened elsewhere.

"I grew up in Glasgow. I spent a lot of time out and about on the social scene, or studying law in the middle of the city, but when I go home I try to spend as much time with my family who now live in the Highlands.

"So I will arrive in Glasgow, get in my car and go straight to the Highlands where often I just don't see many people. So it's been harder to gauge the reaction to my success in Scotland because I am not so much around a lot of people any more.

"But for this reason we are having the premiere of Law Abiding Citizen in Glasgow, which is rare. They don't have premieres in Glasgow, especially not Hollywood movies.

"It allows me to go there and say 'thank you' because every part of me that goes in movies is all from my Scottishness, it's from where I grew up, it's from the people around me, it's from my family, it's from the humour that exists there. That is what made me who I am and brought me here."

The day before the premiere, the Paisley-born actor will celebrate his 40th birthday with his niece who turns 11, one of four celebrations to mark the milestone.

He said: "I am going to celebrate. I have to do a TV show in London the night before, but it's a big deal. It's Jonathan Ross and will be a big thing for me because I have never done it before so it felt nice to do that on the eve of my 40th.

"On my birthday itself I am going to have a party in London which is great because I don't get to spend a lot of time there any more.

"The next day I am going up to Glasgow where I am having a shared birthday party with my 11-year-old niece, which I am a little bothered about because I deserve all the attention but she is getting some of it.

"No, it's lovely, so I am going to have a family party with her, then when I make it back to NewYork I will do something there.

"I might even have something in LA as well but I am not going to have any big parties, just little fun ones."

The plot for Butler's new movie centres on his character, Clyde Shelton, who goes all out for revenge after his wife and daughter are murdered during a burglary at their home.

Meanwhile, Gerard admits turning 40 has made him consider whether the time might be right to get married and start a family in real life.

He said: "Right now, yes, I question a bunch of things in my life and I am in a lot of ways more comfortable than ever. I know what still excites me, what can excite me and what is just never going to happen.

"But then also there are things I have different opinions on. Sometimes I think, 'God, I wish I was married now, had kids'. Other times I think, 'Thank Christ I am not married and don't have kids yet. I can do that later.'

"But I can totally imagine it. It's just not right now. I am great where I am at but it would be nice. It doesn't have to be marriage. It could be to be in a relationship and I would definitely like kids some day."

Gerard, who scooped an award at the GQ Men Of The Year ceremony on Tuesday night, has been linked with a string of beauties including Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston and claims he has no perfect woman in mind.

"I don't know because often I feel that I meet a girl that is unexpected," he said.

"There is no rhyme or reason. I always thought I don't want a girl who is too crazy, too much for me, and then I meet a girl who is crazy and I go, 'Wow, she is amazing.' "But I can't ever give a definite kind of woman because there are different things in different women I might like.

"I might like a girl who is gentle and innocent, but then again I might like a woman who is more statuesque and strong and powerful, it's the polar opposites. It just depends on the moment, on the person, on magic."


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Wonderful article! Thanks Moira.

I hope he has an amazing time at the Glasgow premiere!

Must be a bit hard to feel like you're "stuck" in a sense between two countries. Loosing some of his Scottish accent but not quite American either.

He's so proud of his heritage and homeland, I hope he gets a grand welcoming!

Nice to hear how's he's going to be celebrating his birthday too! Sounds very fun, several small parties!


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Thank you so much for posting this Moira! Lovely article and so nice to hear he's going to celebrate his birthday in London. Looks like there will also be plans for a NYC birthday too! Four parties to celebrate being 40! I'm happy he's embracing it...


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Thanks Moira....A really in depth article and just a little sad for me! I often wonder why Gerry has to always use an American accent anyway.. We have people from all over the world that come to America and still keep their heritage and their own language and most of all their love of their country. Of course some that have been here for a very long time do lose some of their accent but many many don't. In Gerry's case (as I said before I still don't understand) because he is an actor a lot of his roles call for him to use an American accent. The part that bugs me is ...what is wrong with Clyde being a Scottish guy that came to America ....met his American wife , got married and stayed here??? There! Now he could keep that wonderful Scottish brogue (that we all love so much) and not have to struggle with an American accent! I know some movies call for a specific accent for a lot of actors but take Mike Chadway for another instance...Any reason he couldn't have been a Handsome outspoken sexy SCOT?? I don't know ...this is as usual JMO but I for one do NOT want him to lose his Scottishness either! Sean Connery, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, and I don't know how many Brits most always keep their own accents in whatever role they are playing...

But all and all and besides that sad part (for me anyway) the rest of the article is great! Oh and he is talking marriage a wee bit more don't ya think?? I truly hope he does find that magic in someone and settles down, has many kids, (well maybe not many) and finally finds the place he really wants to be in life...He's already an amazing actor and working his way up to being a great producer......What's left at the top of that mountain that you are climbing Mr. Butler? Whatever it is I hope and pray you find it and finally are able to sit back and reap the reward....True HAPPINESS at last!

:wave: Frannie

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I agree with you, Frannie. It's ridiculous to think that a country like America (which used to be a melting pot) doesn't have any other cultures and accents but Americans, but the movies surely make it out that way. This is not indicative of only Scots, but we won't go there. Gerry is in good company.

Other than that, this was a wonderful article and it made me smile to read. I love that he has to share a family celebration with his niece, giving him a good sense of family and that the world DOESN'T revolve around him. :lol: Seriously though, I'm so happy he gets to celebrate his birthday how he wants to (partay in London sounds awesome).

As for the rest, it just goes to show the world that Gerry doesn't have a "type", and really we should all be like that. We all deserve someone who excites us and doesn't fit a mold that other people think we should be with. I do hope that Gerry finds that person when he's ready and in a position in life to give the attention to a family they deserve.

Definitely one of the best interview articles in a while. Thanks, Moira.

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Great article but I'm a bit distressed to hear how he might be treated in his home land! I get the patriotic part but they have to understand that his job calls for him to speak differently. Hope he has little trouble and has a warm reception.

I kind of feel sorry for Gerry with regards to feeling like a "man without a country" right now. I'm hoping that he knows we welcome him here in USA with warm appreciation and open arms and wish for him to still be affectionately taken back in by Scotland when he's there. I know so many other native "brits" that have lived in both places.

Very revealing about his thoughts regarding marriage and relationships. It confirms what we've suspected all along that Gerry depth of character will reflect his future choice in a mate and that it does not have to be marriage per se but a strong and lasting relationship with his soul mate.


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Delene.....you said what I was trying to say .....I'm just not good at putting whats on my mind down on paper ...at least the right way....too many times people think what I say sounds negative and I honestly don't mean it that way at all! Like the rest of you....To use a special phrase from our guy...."At the end of the day" I just want him to be happy! :D

:wave: Frannie

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I love the article! After that heartfelt article, how could Glasgow not give him a fantastic reception at the LAC premiere? Its a dream come true, all at his 40th birthday. What a huge milestone! I hope they appreciate what he is doing in honor of them and his Scottish heritage. What a guy with a big heart!

I know he will meet the right woman someday. What he needs is a woman who has all the qualities he likes in one package......all those things he mentioned. There are women out there like that...gentle and powerful at the same time. The "Magic" will happen. I love that!

It appears Gerry is searching for "True Love." It's out there Gerry! Don't settle for anything less.

(Oh that's right, you haven't met ME, lol)

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Thats a lovely article. Thanks for the link Moira. The Scottish press were actually nice!! I love articles like this that show how grounded he still is.

I hope there is a big crowd at Glasgow to support him. He deserves it.

I'm sure one day he will find that 'magic' :)

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Oh no Gerry, drowning in the Atlantic? I'll save you, I was a lifeguard! :lol:

Sweet article. He's obviously trying very hard to combat the negative press he's been getting regarding his feelings toward Scotland (ya know, the Paisley "warzone" fiasco and the rumors about snubbing Burns from Scottish Screen). Now he's getting his side of the story out there and saying, "I still love you all so much, I don't want to be losing my accent, and everything good that's happened to me is because of Scotland!" Well done.

Frannie and Lisa- I see what you gals are saying about the accent, but I have to disagree. I love Gerry's beautiful Scottish brogue just as much as anyone, but I think it was a good decision to play Mike and Clyde as Americans. I know Gerry had a lot to do with those decisions, and I'm sure he made those decisions based on how the character felt to him. Obviously, he takes a lot of time and consideration in deciding how to play his characters, and they were American to him. I think a better argument can be made for Mike, but if Gerry read the script and heard him as an American, then I'd respect his process. As for Clyde, I think it would have been distracting to have him be a Scotsman who had married an American and settled over here. Since the main gist of the movie is the flaws in the legal system, it would just deflect focus for the man crusading against the system to be a foreigner. I think it would have changed the feel and made it more into a one legal system versus another kind of thing. Instead of the message being "our legal system sucks," it would have been "your legal system sucks," even if they did nothing else to play it up. It would have been a totally different movie. JMO. :)


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A party with his niece? That is the cutest thing EVER :)

And he'll finally have an excuse not to hide when he eats cake :)

What is that? Like FOUR parties :thud:

I'm glad he is going to be enjoying himself.

I'm sure when he was going crazy drinking he never thought he'd make it to 40 and now look at him.

So successful and so grateful :)

Awesome article, thanks for posting.

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Don't worry about turning 40 Gerry; to me you are still a baby! I bet ya that if anyone tries to give him any "flack" about his sucess or accent in Scotland; his mum will come out fists a flyin! I'm sure she is a woman who can "stand" her own ground from what I've heard; he's said it in the past that he got his strength from her. But the Scotts are a tough lot indeed and I hope they make a special effort for Gerry's sake.

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Absolutely fabulous article, Moira. It's so refreshing to read an in-depth article about the struggles and challenges Gerry has been dealing with on all fronts - challenges the majority of us will never have to deal with or can relate to. Being a citizen of two countries, I can somewhat relate to feeling like a woman without a country and having to switch gears when thinking about whether I use Javex or Clorox. I digress. Western culture is a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to hero worship and Americanizing non-American actors. Isn't that called assimilation? Personally, I prefer Gerry to keep his Scottish burr and I don't think it's right that Gerry (or Hugh Jackman or Hugh Laurie) have to put their culture on the shelf to succeed in Hollywood. That's just my two cents.

As to his personal life? As we all know, no one in the entertainment field have one. Gerry has access to more resources than any one of us can ever dream of. He travels around the world, and constantly meets new people through his roles and his travels. As long as he's riding the crest, settling down may not be the best option for him right now, although the idea of having a family (we are all his family :wuv:)may be tugging at his heartstrings. I'm sure being back in the Highlands will give him time to reflect and reconnect with his homeland. Scotland is a gorgeous country, filled with old-world charm and Celtic magic and lore. I was there last year and could have chucked it all and moved there.

Your devout fans will always be here for you, Gerry. Thank you again, Moira, for your heartfelt article.

This one's for you, Moira! Love ya, lass!

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That was a really a good article.It made me feel good done,it made me feel good down to the bone,I feel like had had a peek into his soul,it touched me for some reason.He sounds so excited and genuinely happy.Gerard baby there is no place like home. :wuv: If you are reading this enjoy every moment now and forever because these are the times in your life that really matter...Tanya

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It was my colleague who plonked this down at 9am this morning :lmao: so i went online and found it to post.

I remember the Sheena Easton incident well and I know exactly why he is feeling that way - I guess we feel once a Scot always a Scot and dont come back with a phony accent - be proud and dont lose it. We are very territorial - if you are an Englishman don't even think about wearing a kilt - I went to a wedding once and there was an almight punch up where the guy was thrown through a window- its sacreligious. I think he explained himself well enough on GMTV that he knows he is not the best at accents and just can't turn off so finds himself when making a movie talking in a US accent both on/off screen. I am sure once he is back amongst his family the brogue will be in full swing and when he is maybe interview on Scottish TV you lot will need subtitles :rotflmao:.


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Oh, Moira I was thinking how wonderful it would be to hear some press with Gerry from Scotland - where his name is not pronounced "GerARD" like it is here. I often cringe when I hear HIM say it that way because I know he hates that pronunciation but if he said it the Scots way here in the US people would think he was saying "Jared" or "Jarod".

I love how he talks about women - about how he likes different things in different women. I hope he finds that "magic" one day soon, the one who keeps exciting him, keeps him on his toes and fascinates him, whose mind is as sharp as her wit, whose true strength is her gentleness, and whose heart is as big as his.

Having just left his homeland a couple of days ago I feel a swell of pride for him, for his love of his country and his roots and his family. I never asked what part of the Highlands his Mum lives in though I know she mentioned it before. I spent most of my time on this trip in the Highlands and could have been in a town near her home at some point without even knowing it. But just knowing I was in the Highlands was enough. I hope the rain has left for awhile during his visit. We got only a couple partial days of sun during our 12 days there. When the sun is out it is absolutely glorious - the fall colors, the lochs and rivers and hills and glens. I hope this jet lag ends soon so I can get my pictures off the camera and into Photobucket. I did have a blast listening to the accents - there may be nearly as many different Scottish accents as there are American accents. Some I can understand with no problem and some might as well be speaking in Gaelic (though I knew they weren't).

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