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Gerard Butler GALS

Birthday Message for Gerry

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May this year bring you all the good fortune and passionate love that you deserve. I love you with all my heart and soul, baby, and if I could ... I would give you the world because you deserve nothing less. You stole my heart, and I owe you my life

Life begins at 40, and is the time we begin to leave our legacy. Now we show the world our mettle, and you've already begun. Keep up the good work, my friend. Keep inspiring; keep dreaming; keep living life on your own terms.

Enjoy your parties, and drown yourself in the love that will be shown you in the next week or so. It belongs to you.

I will always be your fan and your friend, Lisa.

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Thank you Gerry, you’ve been one of the most enjoyable crushes I’ve had in quite some time. I can’t think of anyone more authentically in the moment then you are, it’s why I’ve had such fun following you, seeing your movies, and hearing about your activities. You seem to embrace everyone with you friendly grin, inviting us all into your world. I may never meet you, but I feel that you have smiled on me in my small corner of the world. It makes me very happy to know you are alive, making movies and enjoying your life with friends and family. It makes me very happy you have reached this milestone day of 40 years. You had a dream and you pursued it with single minded zeal. Congratulations on realizing your dreams, may there be more dreams and passion in the years ahead. I know I’ll be watching and enjoying your movies for a very long time!

Happy Birthday!!!!

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