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Gerard Butler GALS

Creative Contest - Grand Prize Winner!!!


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First of all - CONGRATS to ALL the entrants in the contests. Each and every one of your entries were beautiful.

And now... the FINAL GRAND PRIZE winner is.....

Posted Image CONGRATULATIONS to Lisette!!! :clap:

The other finalists were....

Siggy - LadyFran

Video - Justcallmetracey

Short Story - GBPhanatic

to see their entries: Creative Contest Voting - Final Round

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Congratulations Lisette!! Your artwork is outstanding and you really nailed Gerrys look!!

:yay: Frannie

P.S..... I would like to thank all who voted for me...I'm thrilled that my siggy was picked as the winning sig because believe me I couldn't have been in better company!!

All my Galfriends are truly talented and you're all winners to me! :kiss:

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Congrats, Lisette and all the rest. All of you are so talented. However, I do not consider myself a winner having had the only video in the contest.




P.S. Jenn, I PMed you.

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Congratulations, Lisette! Outstanding job!

Also, congrats to the other winners too.

I am grateful to everyone who voted for my little story. It was hard for me to keep the words down to the requirement! You know me!

Gerry so inspires and brings out our best, doesn't he?

Delene :wave:

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To quote Janice from "Friends":

Oh! My! God!


Thank you all so much for voting for me! :grouphug:

Can't believe it! First contest I actually won!! :D

Love to you all, you rock!


P.S. RandomLanda: Thank you! You're absolutely right. I've been so nervous!

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CONGRATULATIONS to Lisette and also to the other finalists LadyFran, Justcallmetracey and GBPhanatic. As a matter of fact, congrats go to everyone who entered!! I wish I had the talent to...well, I just wish I had some talent!!



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Posted ImageLisette!!

Congrats to the Grand winner, Lisette,

and all Final Round winners, LadyFran, Justcallmetracey and GBPhanatic.

Marvelous, beautiful work by all of our great artists and writers!!! :clap: :clap: Congratulations one and all!

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