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11/18 - Gerard Butler doesn't read gossip...


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Gerard Butler: I don't read gossip

Wednesday November 18 2009

Gerard Butler says he only discovers rumours about him when quizzed about them in interviews.

The Gamer star, who has previously had to deny rumours about him dating his Bounty co-star Jennifer Aniston, said he doesn't read anything about himself.

He said: "I try and stay away from anything anybody sends me, some clips or articles that tell me what's going on."

He continued: "I normally tell them to leave me alone and to not remind me. But it's normally when I'm doing press someone will say 'oh so, is it true about...' - and that's when I catch up on all my rumours, when I'm doing press junkets."

read the entire article: here

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I am glad Gerry doesn't read everything or want to know all of it because it would drive him crazy. Plus I didn't know he had some serious relationships on the side until he said something about them in an article so to me that makes him all the more a class act in my book because those that brag really don't have anything. Keep being cool, classy, and cute Gerry.....:):yummy:

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I don't read these sights either, especially the ones where commenting is allowed. I also have strong feelings about those who DO read it and then come back here to this site and repeat it or just elude to the negativity. That's not doing Gerry any favors and if he ever did want to look for something positive by thinking he could lurk a bit on one of his fan sites and then reads about the negativity and gossip here, he might not visit again.


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