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Gerard Butler GALS

Reign of Fire mention in "io9"

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Old movies never die. . . they just get partisans who'll defend them til the end. :p

I like the fact that every movie has somebody who LOVES it (and somebody who hates it, of course) but the lovers keep it alive.



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I watched a Christian Bale bio the other night so I was reminded that Gerry was in this movie and I hadn't seen it yet so I watched it last night.

I actually enjoy post apocalyptic type movies and Creedy was sure hot, thud, and and died far too soon. A treat to see Bale and Butler on the same screen.

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ROF was my introduction to Gerry, and it still holds a special place in my heart. It's one of my go-to movies, and gets turned off when Creedy "goes away".

I think the Star Wars scene in ROF is one of the best scenes in any movie. It was clever and creative, and Gerry was better than Chris IMHO. It's the little nuances like when Gerry shows the kids that his hand wasn't really cut off that proves his talent.

It's great that it is still being mentioned in the SciFi world. Thanks, Suzie!

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I like Christian Bale but he is a bit stiff as an actor- in the right roles it works like Batman or American Psycho or the Machinist - god that is the hardest movie to watch though, Bale weighing 120 pounds and I still don't totally understand it. Love him in the Prestige though as well. He was brilliant in American Pyscho I believe. He was also good in Velvet Goldmine. He excels better at characters that are more detached, less accessible.

But I think we all agree that Gerry is indeed more versatile, he can even show the softer side of great warriors but then I suspect Christian and Gerry are just as different off screen. Bale is Mr. Intensity and almost too serious whereas Gerry can shut it on and off and knows how to have fun, and his style of acting is more natural seeming. Of course that is probably why they cast Gerry vs Christian. Bale's character has the weight of the world on his shoulders and Creedy is the friend who is more lighthearted, well as light hearted as you can be facing extinction and napalm breathing dragons and all.

Yes I was devastated when I watched the movie the first time - no Creedy can't be burned to a crisp, he can't be dead yet NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He's going to show up in a few minutes right? I was ready to slay that nasty dragon myself.

Ah three cheers for the curly hair and long leather coats.

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