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Here's a good one. Maybe this has been posted already but here you go:


22 November 2009

Law Abiding Citizen


Conor Nolan

This taut, tense and exhilarating thriller is quite possibly the ultimate Saturday night at the movies.

A tale of justice and revenge, it has so many exciting twists and turns you'll be gripped from start to finish.

Gerard Butler plays devoted family man Clyde Shelton whose world is shattered by the brutal murder of his wife and young daughter during a robbery.

He thinks justice will be served when ambitious lawyer Nick Rice (played by Jamie Foxx) is assigned to prosecute the two murderers.

But Rice goes against Shelton's wishes by cutting a plea-bargaining deal with one of the killers, meaning the brute gets a jail term instead of the death penalty. Deeply embittered, the once law-abiding Shelton exacts his own revenge by bumping off the murderer on his prison release.

Moreover, Shelton coolly admits the deed to Rice - and warns him he'll target everyone else linked to the case unless the justice system that failed his family is cleaned up.

From then on, the lawyer finds himself in a desperate race against time as a series of elaborate assassinations rock the criminal world and the legal establishment. I admit I was cheering and whooping throughout this fantastic slice of cinematic entertainment which clips along at a breathtaking pace.

The action set-pieces are brilliantly exciting and both Butler and Foxx (an Oscar-winner in Ray) are excellent in the lead roles, as is Colm Meaney as a top detective.

Butler, who also produced the movie, demonstrates just how far up the Hollywood ladder he has climbed since first coming to prominence in the historical epic 300.

The Scots-born hunk, who does a fantastic job both in front of the camera and behind it, told me his reason for doubling up on the job front: "Law Abiding Citizen has a story that turns everything you think you know on its head," he said.

"It sneaks up and grabs you when you least expect".

Load up on popcorn, a soft drink and sit back and enjoy the ride. Just hold on tight!

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