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Gerard Butler GALS

Orange.co.uk LAC Interview


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Just a quick little interview but some nice answers:


There is the trailer and then another vid where he answers questions. I love the bit in between where he is reading to himself... :wuv:

What a great find! I can't get over how adorable he can be. Such a baby, the way he was reading to himself as you pointed out. He must have been such a lovely little boy. Well, mischievous and very active and physical no doubt, getting into all sorts of trouble, but still very cuddly I would imagine. And his poor eye, it's so evident in this interview. I feel so protective and motherly of him today, I'm bordering pathetic. :-)

There must be more of that interview, you can tell at the end, I feel so cheated that they cut it there. :-(

Thanks Jo!


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I can see he would protect his loved ones to the very extreme and I sooo understand it! But ...cutting people up and poking the eyes out with pencil... just a little ad libbing there Gerbear!! :p

Short but cute segment....Thanks for sharing your great find!

:wave: Frannie

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