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Gerard Butler GALS

Phantom in my hometown


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I just went on to my local music hall's website and I was delighted to see that on monday 7.december in the small concert hall (319 seats) they are showing Phantom with Gerard. I would love to be there but can't...I hope it will be sold out..... :funnyup:

They don't show a lot of films at the musichall, it's more theatre and concerts .....so this is special :wuv:

We have had a lot of big international stars at the hall and we are the second largest city in Denmark (450.000 people), so it not a smalle place.

I'm so glad they finaly show something with him, it's time the DANES discoverd GERARD :kiss:

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Hi GALS.....I decided to skip school and take my Sister Ninna to see The Phantom last night.

Wow...to see it on a big screen and in a concerthall where the acoustice is perfect.....it was so beautiful. The place were about half full so about 200 came to see it.

My sister LOVED IT. :wuv:

I am so glad I went. :pointy:

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You are SOOOO lucky. This has been the dream of my heart ever since I first saw Phantom on TV April 2008-to see him on the big screen. :phantom2: When I published my book, I went to the little theater in my small town nearby and tried to get them to show it and they said they would not do it. I was heartbroken. My beautiful Erik :erik: on a 30 ft. screen. :hearts::yummy: I can't travel very far, so it would have to be in the city 30 miles close to me in order to see it.


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