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Favorite Dancing Songs Needed!

Dr. Em

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Alrighty, Mo of GBUSA has found a DJ for us in Vegas and he wants to know the music y'all want played for the convention. So I need you GALS to post your favorite DANCING songs here. Now, I love all sorts of songs, but not all of them are good for dancing, so please keep that in mind when posting. They don't all have to be fast songs either.

For me, I gotta have:

Wonderland - John Mayer

Get the Party Started - Pink

Let's Get it Started - Black-Eyed Peas

Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand

Brick House - Commodores (hee-hee)

Okay, I got this started, now you!


Dr. Em

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Dr Em,

That sounds great and good choices for the music so far! I request Switch by Will Smith. Even though I am getting old I still love to boogie to the hip hop. But PLEASE I am begging you...no Disco!! LOL


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Oh What A Night (Back in 63) the Club Version!

I will dance on a friggen table and get downright crazy if they play that!

AND if anyone else knows the dance to that song, great!

Get in a line and do it!

I love that dance!

It's so simple but it gets me hype!!!

Posted Image


We also need Black Velvet!!

Ooohhh :swoon:

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Flatbush City Limits by Tina Turner and anything by her

Anything by Shania Twain will also do for me.

We will rock you by Queen

I will dance ALL Night WOOT!! (not a song, just a comment)

YES Bethy, Black Velvet definately.

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But PLEASE I am begging you...no Disco!! LOL

Ahhhhhh, come on! Donna Summers ROCKS! :funnyface:

I have to admit, I still adore Earth, Wind and Fire and the Commodores.

Oh, I just thought of another song I would love....

Pink - Aerosmith

Oh, and there's Since You've Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

I have TONS, but ladies, I need more from YOU!


Dr. Em

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Come on GALS! You can do better than that! More recent music –

If It’s Lovin’ That You Want – Rihanna

Walk Away – Kelly Clarkson

Pump It – Black-eyed Peas

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

Suga, We’re Goin’ Down – Fall Out Boy

Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy

You can DO IT!


Dr. Em

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Take it off - the Donnas

Take me away - fefe dobson

Crazy in Love - Beyonce

Breathless - Corrs

Shiver - Maroon 5 - you got me hooked on this Doc!

Because of You, Addicted, Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson (some are more slow, but i love 'em)

Tilt ya head back - nelly & christina aguilera

Get the party started - pink

dont cha - pussy cat dolls

getting jiggy with it - will smith

bootylicious - destiny's child :rotflmao:

let's get loud, waiting for tonight, play - jennifer lopez

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Guest greyeyegoddess

What's wrong with Disco? It's the music of the dance floor!!!!!

Of course I would love some dancable, rocking INXS-New Sensation!!! Or Suicide Blonde!

(You are going to be sorry you asked for this from me)

Franz Ferdinand-Take me out

Texas-either "Inner Smile" or "When we are together"

Madonna-Lucky Star, Into the groove, Holiday, Vogue, Music, Ray of Light and/or her new one with the abba music in the background

Anything KC and the Sunshine Band

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam-Head to Toe, Lost in Emotion


early Janet Jackson (When I think of You, Love will Never do without you, Escapade, etc)

Expose' (Point of No Return....)


Tom Jones-She's a lady (a really good mixed version like in the commercial)

Toni Basil-Mickey (or in our case "Gerry")

Spice Girls-Wanna be

Any dancable Abba

Kung Fu Fighting

Soul II Soul-Back to Life

Magic Carpet Ride-Steppenwolf

Any danceable Rod Stewart (Do you think I'm sexy, Hot Legs, Some guys)

Bow wow wow-Do you want to hold me, I want candy

Bananarama-Cruel Summer, Venus, Shy Boy

Yaz-Don't Go or Situation

Billy Idol-Mony, Mony or Rebel Yell

Lipps Inc-Funkytown

Four Tops-I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey bunch)

Denice Williams-Let's Here it for the Boy

the Wonders-That thing you do

No Mercy-Where do you go

Rick James-Superfreak or Give it to me baby

Shania Twain-That don't impress me much

Anything by Earth Wind and Fire

Love and Rockets-So Alive

Powerstation/Robert Palmer-Some like it hot, Addicted to Love

Whitney Houston-I wanna dance with somebody

Billy Ocean-When the going gets tough, Get out of my dreams

Depeche Mode/Erasure

Information Society-What's on Your Mind or anything else

Any mixed versions of Sarah Mclauchlin

Shakira-Whenever, Wherever

Right Said Fred-I'm too sexy

Dead or Alive-You Spin me Round


Mariah Carey-early danceable "Make it Happen", "Fantasy"

Smashmouth-I'm a believer

Teena Marie-Lovergirl

SOS band-Take your time


The Weather Girls-It's raining men

Republica-Ready to Go

Jennifer Paige- Crush

Luscious Jackson-Naked Eye

From the disco list...

Ain't No Stopping Us Now - McFadden & Whitehead

Boogie Nights - Heat Wave

Boogie Oogie Oogie - A Taste Of Honey

Born To Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez

Celebration - Kool & Gang

Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston

Get Down On It - Kool & Gang

Get Off - Foxy

Good Times - Chic

Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn

He's The Greatest Dancer - Sister Sledge

I Love Music - O'Jays

I Love The Nightlife - Alicia Bridges

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

If I Can't Have You - Yvonne Ellyman

Knock On Wood - Ami Stewart

Ladies Night - Kool & Gang

Le Freak - Chic

Macarthur Park - Donna Summer

Making It - David Naughton

Ring My Bell - Anita Ward

Shame - Evelyn 'Champagne' King

Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees

Working My Way Back To You - Spinners

But play anything fun, I'll be there...:headspin:

(you ask, do I have most of these? More than likely, both regular recording cds and karaoke)


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Holiday-Green Day

Some Phantom of the Opera songs would be nice lol :erikicon:

Beverly Hills-Weezer

Blvd of Broken Dreams- Green Day

Dance,Dance-Fall out Boy

Surger We're Goin' Down-Fall out Boy

Switch-Will Smith

Well thats all I can think of I'll,post more when my brain is workin' lol



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Probably the newest thing on my list will be from the early 80's!!

One of my favorites of all time is Gloria by Laura Brannigan.

Richie Valens La Bamba

Gloria Estefan - Conga

Madonna - Material Girl

Barry Manilow - At the Copacabana

Good Lovin' by the Young Rascals

Flashdance and She's a Maniac


Do You Love Me? (Now That I Can Dance)

Billy Joel's Uptown Girl

Can anyone come up with a copy of Buck Owen's "Great White Horse"? That was a BIG hit in Glasgow, I'm sure it would be in Las Vegas as well.

I also LOVE some of the Big Band 1940's stuff like In the Mood, and Sing Sing Sing (and no I'm not THAT old - that is my parents' music but I still love it).

What, nobody asked for the Macarena?

How about the Chicken Song??? The Hokey Pokey????

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You've all got some great ideas here!

I love "Rock the Casbah" by oh crap I forget by who but its a great song. Anything from Brian Setzer may be awesome too "This old House", Jump Jive N Wail", "Rock this House" all come to mind)

"Hella Good" (No Doubt) or wait, is the song called "Keep on Dancin'?"

"Purple Rain" by Prince or other Prince songs....

Maybe some stuff by Matchbox 20, umm lemme see I had quite a few but I'm loosing steam now, I dont dance a lot but I may think of more oh oh "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas love that one!

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Susan, I like your choices. We should definately have some Elvis thrown in the mix. And everyone who knows me knows I would love to hear AFTER THE LOVIN' and QUANDO QUANDO QUANDO (the newer dance version) by none other than Engelbert. Did any of you know EH put out a dance album in the 90's? It's great.

As long as there is a good variety of songs, old and new, fast and slow, loud and soft... I'm good with it.

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I know I'm not going or aything, but I think a really good dancing song you guys might like is SOS by Rihanna (sorry I think I spelled her name wrong) or Hey Mr. DJ, those are really fun to dance to (even if your not cleaning the kitchen ::D: )

Or Dance Dnce by Fall Out Boys ...

Those are just some suggestions,


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:bootyshake: :bootyshake: :bootyshake:

What about these "Very Gerry"song:

"Summer of 69" Bryan Adams

"Photograph" Def Leppard :mopboymarek:

"Disease" Matchbox 20

"Sharp Dressed

Man" ZZ Top


"Vertigo" U2

"Don't Speak" No Doubt

"Pour Some

Sugar On Me" Def Leppard

any Maroon 5

Later and Cheers...Tamarra

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Just remembered some songs from my dancing lessons:

I need to know - Marc Anthony

I'm outta love - Anastacia

Buttons - Pussycat Dolls

Sway - Pussycat Dolls

Bite the Dust - Pussycat Dolls

La Camisa Negra - Juanes

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No disco?! Unfortunately for me, "Disco" IS my "oldies" -- Gotta have it (at least a little) to have some throw-down fun...

Anything KC and the Sunshine Band -- (AMEN, SISTER)

Anything by Earth Wind and Fire (September!!)

GAP Band!

Play that Funky Music (Scottish) Boy!

How bout a dedicational "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" sing-along?

I'm simply GIDDY with anticipation -- if for NO other reason than to have some time to myself and meeting others that UNDERSTAND my case of GALS!!!

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