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Gerard Butler GALS

Machine Gun Minister/Preacher


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3/26 - Butler Describes Machine Gun Preacher

What do you have coming up?

I have a couple things, I'm going to do some Shakespeare with Ralph Fiennes, it's his debut (as a director); Coriolanus. Then I'm going to be working with Marc Forster who did Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland and the last Bond movie.

We're doing a movie called Machine Gun Preacher about a former drug dealer who, it's a true story, is now fighting with the Southern Sudanese People's Liberation Army, became a preacher, preaching in Pennsylvania, and raises money for an orphanage that he runs down in southern Sudan and literally uses machine guns to fight the rebel forces down there. Fascinating story, I think. If that's not fascinating I don't know what is.

3/5 - Biker inspires ˜Machine Gun Preacher"

2/2 - Is Gerard Butler a Machine Gun Preacher

Posted Image

12/13/09 Gerry in Somerset PA - Another possible movie role?

Posted Image

First visit of Gerard Butler to Sam's Church for the upcoming movie of the Machine Gun Preacher .


The Chop Shop builder of the custom-built Machine Gun Preacher Movie Bikes here

Machine Gun Preacher: Minister's life to become movie - Dec. 15, 2009

Gerard Butler In 'Machine Gun Preacher'

Facebook page for Machine Gun Preacher

Machine Gun Preacher, is based on a real-life drama.

The film will follow the work of Sam Childers, a former drug-addicted biker who found religion and dedicated his life to helping kidnapped and abused children in Africa, including child soldiers.

Quantum of Solace's Marc Forster is planning to direct, according to Empire Online. The film is based on Childers' own book, Another Man's War: The True Story Of One Man's Battle To Save Children In The Sudan.

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