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Hogmanay in Scotland


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I know Gerry mentioned that he would like to attend the Hogmanay in Glasgow this year. I looked up what this was all about and it looks really cool


Comrie has their own as well. Looks like so much fun, and much better than being herded like cattle in Times Square.

I hope he gets to go like he wanted ... :)

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Wow, I never knew there was such a big Hogmanay event in Glasgow!! It looks like great fun.

I went to the Flambeaux event they have in Comrie a few years back. It is great fun. There is a similar event in a town called Stonehaven (on the East cost) that I used to go to every year. They have huge cages with burning embers inside which the locals swing around their heads. Quite a sight. They progress along the main street, eventually ending up at the harbour where they throw the balls into the sea. Its a huge event.


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Yes that's the one where he said he might walk in the parade in his 300 costume :lmao: he'd freeze his arse off :rotflmao: I wish he would do it for a laugh just to see the looks on the villagers faces


:funnyup: That would be hilarious!Just the looks on their faces would be worth freezing his butt off. He could always bring clothes in a bag and change when he'd had achieved ultimate shockage.:lol:

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If he had went to the hogmany party in George square in Glasgow he would definately have been freezing!

This morning I went out to do some shopping and my car said it was -5 degrees celcius. Brrr. There's still snow on the ground which doesn't look like it'll melt anytime soon.

However...hogmany in scotland is definately a blast. A friend of mine was going in to George Square...I chose to stay indoors. Every year my friend has a party in his garage..we all bring along some food to contribute to the meal and we have music playing etc. It's fun times!


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