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io9's Best And Worst SF/Fantasy Movies Of 2009

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I thought Gamer was wildly underappreciated. I think it will become a cult classic in the future. Personally, I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. I thought this little article highlighted some of the overlooked good things about Gamer.

Also, the rest of the article (especially the worst section) was frickin' hilarious. The comments on making fun of a Nic Cage movie being like challenging a dyslexic to a spelling bee? Teehee. Sorry Nic, you know I love you anyway.



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Wow, this is an interesting list.....both best and worst.

I agree Steph, I do think it was underappreciated. It's definitely not a movie for everyone, but I actually enjoyed it. I will say I liked it more each time I saw it. The first time I was afraid I was going to be sick from the jerky camera movement (I wasn't). Once that was out of the way, I was able to focus more on the movie.

I really felt bad when Gerry made the remark on Craig Ferguson about there being 3 people that had seen Gamer. I know that's not true, because.........well........I saw it 5 times. :)

Unfortunately, it wasn't in theaters long.


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I liked Gamer a lot and am glad whenever it garners a kind word. It's never going to be a film everybody loves but I agree that it's on its way to being a cult film for some true believers. It had a lot to offer and I've seen its themes used in a lot of TV shows and films since. Besides, I LOVE Kable. :D


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I saw Gamer only once...and honestly I didn't care for it. Then again it isn't my kind of film....it was too all over the place for me. A lot of it didn't make sense, I liked Gerry in it, I always enjoy him in movies even if sometimes I don't like the movie itself. Like I said I don't usually like action films and I didn't like the whole futuristic theme. The whole concept reminded me too much of some uber violent version of the Sims. that's just me though, just me.

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