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Gerard Butler GALS

1/3 - Gerry in Barbados


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Gerry in Barbados

Please remember - no bringing controversy from other sites to GALS, etc.

and no comments speculating on Gerry's personal life or those shown in the photos with him. Respectful comments only ;)

NO LINKS to other 'sites', in this or any other thread on the Forum. Thank you!

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:drool1: He is smexyy. I love the little belly, *cuddly*

What's that on his ankle? a patch?

He is very sexy Eve....... and Sue...he certainly does warm up a very cold January!!!!

Hugs, Linda

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Wow.....I wonder how big the lens was to get these pictures. I suspect they were pretty far away.

Oh well......that's a shame, but that being said, I'm glad it seems Gerry's been able to have some down time after a very, very busy period. It sounds like he's going to be very busy again soon w/ 2 movies coming out in March & the possible start of Coriolanus.

I hope he's not hounded the whole time he's down there & is able to relax & enjoy himself.

Gerry..........have fun and don't forget sunscreen. :)

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I'm jealous I was there in the summer I wish I was there now it's scary cold on the east coast right now.No wonder he is not in NYC.The wind is scaring the beejseus outta me,howling and what not....

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I couldn't sleep so I decided to just get up and come in here and see what's going on and I find this! Gerry in Barbados! I was just there a few weeks ago! There are a lot of private homes, very upscale. and many beaches and the one we were on was Malibu Beach near the Malibu Rum distillery. We saw some beautiful horses, most likely the racing variety, being exercised in the surf. Also, a naked man ran up the road but we weren't fast enough with the camera to capture that moment! Too bad our trip wasn't this week, as if our paths would have crossed anyway!

Gerry looks delicious and I love the trunks! Wonder if he sustained a boo boo to his foot while skiing? I see he never goes anywhere without his c**k hat! It's like his wubee!

I'd love to play "motor boat" with that lovely tummy, though! I'm happy to see he's enjoying his Holiday! :cunning:


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What a huggable guy!

I hope he gets all rested up before his next project. He's a hard worker and deserves a but if fun in the sun.

I know it was a typo, but I'd say we all deserve a butt of fun in the sun! :cheeky:


OMIGOSH. I can't believe I typed that (sorry Gerry) :wuv:

Thanks, Steph! :funnyup:

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I'd love to play "motor boat" with that lovely tummy, though! I'm happy to see he's enjoying his Holiday!

LMAO....great comment.....LOL

I'd love to play "motor boat" with that lovely tummy, though!

That is EXACTLY what I said! :lol:

What is it about this guy that makes you just want to eat him up!

He almost seems aware that he's being photographed but doesn't seem upset. The Aspen photos he looked a little disgruntled. My favorite pic is the one where he's holding his cockcap. I think it's his signature piece of wardrobe and he'd be devastatd if he ever lost it. It so compliments the pink swim trunks! :funnyup:


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He looks happy and healthy.

I hope they leave him alone to enjoy the rest of his time off. Let him get a lovely tan. I love him dark.

He will soon have to be doing the Golden Globes and then publicity for 2 movies.

Enjoy, Gerry!!

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Normally I know we are supposed to dislike the paps for not leaving our G alone, but I am grateful to this one because these photos have put a smile on my face all day. I love, love, love the normal, cudly look and the pink, Scottish complexion; coming from a country where a tan is a given because the sun shines so much and being the odd one out who cannot stand this situation, Gerry has made my day. Not to mention the pink swimming trunks which are absolutely hilarious, he's just killing me. You got to hand it to him, he can pull off practically everything. :-)

BTW, the women at the office agree with me. I thought they were impressed with the "arrest scene" but you should have heard them today. Large number of Gals down. :-) They are now convinced that Gerry is one of us, loves his food and has to struggle to remain fit. How can you not love that? :-)


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