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Gerard Butler GALS

12" King Leonidas collectible figure


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Posted Image 12" King Leonidas collectible figure

This 1/6th scale Spartan Warrior collectible stands approximately 30 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys newly sculpted and developed muscled body** with over 26 points of articulation. Dressed with a real fabric cape with harness, faux-leather belt, vambraces and greaves, and this stunning piece also comes with the following accessories and weapons:

- Helmet features a real-like horsehair crest**

- Real-like wolf’s tooth necklace

- Sword and faux-leather scabbard

- Battle damaged Spartan shield features the faux- leather hand hold and removable broken arrows

- Spear

- Two pairs of Interchangeable hands

- Head sculpt with authentic Gerard Butler likeness as King Leonidas**

- Additional head sculpt of King Leonidas features "This is Sparta!" expression

- Figure stand with 300 movie logo and King Leonidas nameplate

Pre-order here

This looks awesome, I've pre-ordered mine already. Can't wait!!


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OMG. the accuracy is beyond cool - he even has hair on his neck! I'd swear the profile pic of Leo in a helmet was from the film! Verra nice "find," Tap! Definitely on my mandoll wish list!

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I am a little surprised it is coming out NOW so long after the movie. I guess these are more

of the collectable nature so they must think there are a lot of us SOL'S (speaking for myself.)

I think I just might have to have one altho the smaller doll that came out in '07 is very

lifelike as well. I have Gorgo, too. My daughter made me a really nifty outfit for one of my

Marek dolls and I have him on my "300" shelf. I shouldn't be spending the money.......can we

just say it was a "senior moment?"


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